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What accuracy/grouping size will satisfy you on 70m/77yd?

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Hi snipers,
I'm just wondering where is your border of beeing satisfied with your airsoft sniper gun. When is the moment when you can say" It's good enough, I won't tuning it anymore". What accuracy/grouping size in example 70m/77yd will satisfy you? We talk about good conditions without wind, warm weather, static position. 15cm? 30cm? 50 cm? Cheers!
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As a cripple , stuck in a wheelchair for past 12 years I quit with the games . Since then I am shooting mainly indoors in a abandoned milk processing factory near my home ,where I have clar range of a max 70 meters . With my Novrisch TAC338 Ltd. I have 100% in a 6.5 x 6.5" standard competition paper target ( 27 of 27 BB's in ) For me is good enough. My top score is 27 shots in 5" . It happened only once, but rest of the results are close . With some of my DMR's at 70 meters have consistent success at A4 paper sheet . I can't expect much more form an AEG platform , and having no "wet dreams" about 100 BB's in one hole :cool:
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