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What are you getting for Christmas - Airsoft mainl

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I know it's the family spirit that matters but I would be interested to hear what you plan to get for Christmas that is airsoft related or just cool. Can be from your spouse, parents etc.

I'm getting a PDI piston, metal trigger and high hop up arms for my sniper rifle.
A JG upgraded gearbox with mosfet for my M4 (Cause the GB that came with it makes me want to throw away the damn thing)
And I am getting myself a new smartphone.
A USP match (I got it for cheap)
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My grandmother is too 'frail' at the moment for the airsoft thing, it relates too much to violence etc. So when my presents are under the tree I'll have to unwrap the more...conspicuous ones away from her eg bayonet. Lol.
Felix said:
Skullcandies and some north face vindicator boots. Then any leftover money will get my m28 shooting.
Oh and a full pre cocking m16 dmr :)
Airsoft stuff is cool
But for the love of god do not get skull candies they are overrated pieces of [email protected] Please get a nice pair of sony ones for $30 that will give you better quality as well as being cheaper - speaking from personal experience and several friends who agree. Or if you loke looks Ifrogz are good, cheap and habe decent sound quality with 50mm drivers (bass is amazing)

On my list I might be getting a go pro HD (partially fundend by myself)

I have to say I have spent a lot of money on myself this christmas hehe.
I had a pair and I can tell you they are very good (And the wire is really durable) THe only thing bad about them is that the joints are rather weak and will break easily. That's another reason Why I would recommend Sony (Cheap, durable and great sound quality), Seinheiser (Really good quality, base and above average construction but a bit over priced), Ifrogz (Cheap, good sound quality, Brilliant wiring, good base but weak construction). Beats are good then if you have a spare
Dutton said:
fuzzywolly said:
I might break down and buy myself some cheap as dirt BDU's (talking like $4 a pop) so that I can start getting some new suits together come spring time. Let the fun begin..

I think I have some old surplus BDUs that I've never used. You pay for shipping and they're all yours.
If fuzzy doesn't take them I will he,he.
I've been meaning to make another ghillie suit.
Yeah I guess
I have an updated list
GoPRo HD hero motorsport (I paid for half)
Samsung galaxy nexus / s2 (I'm paying for like 90%)
JG Gearbox for my m4
A nice vest with lots of goodies
Some piece of awesome clothing
and a few small things like Ferrero Roches!

Also Cheese man, I am doing an 18 metre scucba diving course next summer and was wondering if pressure sickness can take place at that depth, like from rising too quickly? Thanks.
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Felix - Like the patches ;)
Hoggie, hey, I got those rail covers for christmas (yet to get here though) ::)
headline said:
1) 6.01 650mm Tight Bore Barrel for UTG L96
2) PDI Hopup Chamber For UTG L96
3) Forgot What Bucking, But For UTG L96
4) 150mm Suppressor/Barrel Extension For UTG L96
5) And A Amazing Green Lazer, LOVE IT!
I like lasers too. How many mw is yours?
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