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What are you getting for Christmas - Airsoft mainl

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I know it's the family spirit that matters but I would be interested to hear what you plan to get for Christmas that is airsoft related or just cool. Can be from your spouse, parents etc.

I'm getting a PDI piston, metal trigger and high hop up arms for my sniper rifle.
A JG upgraded gearbox with mosfet for my M4 (Cause the GB that came with it makes me want to throw away the damn thing)
And I am getting myself a new smartphone.
A USP match (I got it for cheap)
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I got 20k G&G BB's from my Grandmother (50 bucks of BB's basically).
My mom split my Polarstar PR-15 with me 2/5 to 3/5s (I payed a lot of it.)
My dad bought me some pouches and midcaps.
Recently, my Polarstar came. I was excited, I get to shoot it Saturday.
goldentrigun said:
^ why not just buy a kit and drop it in to another gun?
I did not own a single AEG, I sold all of them, and it'd be cheaper to buy a nicer P* frame then to build it from the ground up.
1 - 4 of 41 Posts
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