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What are you getting for Christmas - Airsoft mainl

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I know it's the family spirit that matters but I would be interested to hear what you plan to get for Christmas that is airsoft related or just cool. Can be from your spouse, parents etc.

I'm getting a PDI piston, metal trigger and high hop up arms for my sniper rifle.
A JG upgraded gearbox with mosfet for my M4 (Cause the GB that came with it makes me want to throw away the damn thing)
And I am getting myself a new smartphone.
A USP match (I got it for cheap)
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-macbook pro
-40k IG stuff

-KA M3 scope
-AMP SPR scope mount
-Troy TRX extreme 13in
-G&P 16in barrel for M4
-Magpul MBUS
I can't wait for these to come, finishing my RECCE rifle today as soon as the UPS man comes.

I leave soon to go back to Benning, pretty soon I'll have a blue cord to add to the list.

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I am getting a Ninja 90ci, 4500 PSI air tank, scuba refill gear for said tank, and a VSR-10.

I am probably having the best christmas season of my life...
The biggest gifts
-Dre Beats (studio) (I payed half)
-Sony VAIO laptop (I payed half)

Gifts (Awesome ones at that)
-Replica Mich 2001
-Replica Claw NVG mount
-Replica PVS-15s

Favorite gifts (from my dad whos deployed and helped pay for the other ones as well)
-Real Crye AOR-1 combat top
-Real Crye AOR-1 pouches
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I have an updated list
GoPRo HD hero motorsport (I paid for half)
Samsung galaxy nexus / s2 (I'm paying for like 90%)
JG Gearbox for my m4
A nice vest with lots of goodies
Some piece of awesome clothing
and a few small things like Ferrero Roches!

Also Cheese man, I am doing an 18 metre scucba diving course next summer and was wondering if pressure sickness can take place at that depth, like from rising too quickly? Thanks.
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I don't use scuba gear when I go less than 20 meters, but I would think so.
Cheese man, you cant go wrong with vsr-10. ;)
I got,
m150 spring
deepfire sears
pdi setpin
nineball airseal rubber
all to my vsr-10
also I got new computer, (shared with other family members)
Even though its only 2 hours or so before Christmas Day, I already got all my airsoft goods.

Friends old G&G M4 wired Deans and new wiring, shoots beautifully
Magpul MOE grip in black
FAB Magwell Grip
Proforce cotton sniper veil
Patches (Aperture Science logo, Multicam Elitist nametape, and Jedi Order logo large)
Brand New tool kit (with very small Allens, Hexs, and Stars!)
300 feet of Paracord

I have pictures too ;)
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EDGI 6.01mm barrel for TSD L96!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Makes whole Christmas.
And tickets to the Capital One Bowl yay
I bought myself a ak74u, kobra red dot, marui ak sling, modify ar latch, king arms mod stock (comes with 12v nimh) and was only $65, 7.4v stick lipo, and batteries.
^ why not just buy a kit and drop it in to another gun?
G&G M4 with new grips and some new patches.
goldentrigun said:
^ why not just buy a kit and drop it in to another gun?
I did not own a single AEG, I sold all of them, and it'd be cheaper to buy a nicer P* frame then to build it from the ground up.
Felix - Like the patches ;)
Hoggie, hey, I got those rail covers for christmas (yet to get here though) ::)
I got myself a very nice air brush kit from my wife
I got a Fender Jazz Bass and some Vans. And some clothes and stuff. I'm really stoked about the new bass :)
aydonmill said:
CA M249 <33333
That should be fun :)

I got myself a Prommie 509mm 6.03 for the ASR that I'm hopefully finally getting soon.
Well found out that I have some paint and some nice stencils coming as well ;)

So here in a few days, expect to see some really sick paint jobs guys!!
1) 6.01 650mm Tight Bore Barrel for UTG L96
2) PDI Hopup Chamber For UTG L96
3) Forgot What Bucking, But For UTG L96
4) 150mm Suppressor/Barrel Extension For UTG L96
5) And A Amazing Green Lazer, LOVE IT!
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