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Ι must say that I found this article to be a great asset for my V2.5 DMR built. I would also like to add that a heavy piston head seems to play a big part in getting results ( best performance with heavy bbs). My built uses a 6.04 16 inch barrel and gives the best output (with a 130 spring), with 0.40 bbs. Exaclty as pre-determined here and planned in the built.

Many thanks to the OP ( @1tonne) and a... question for another of my builds, this time a "light DMR" configuration with a full V2 cylinder, type 0, a 16 inch barrel (407 mm) and a 120 spring, since I am pondering between a 6.01 Edgi and a 6.03 Promi barrel.

OP wrote:

NOTE: I have also noticed that when using a 6.01mm barrel, the barrel length can be increased by up to about 10% depending on the bb weight used. The lighter the bb, the longer you can go. This would be due to less air wastage.

Sounds quite reasonable but is a bit vague. What would be the "percentage length gain" for the barrel by using a 6.01 and 0.32 bbs and an 120 spring? Or maybe it would perform best with 0.36 bbs?
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