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This was in response to Leetworlds post, but he edited his post and I am not going to rewite this....

Why would the math be any different from a BASR to an AEG? You are calculating the volume of something does not matter if its a bolt action, AEG, or some crazy high speed hydraulic ram on a battle bot. That math will not change.

The only major difference between an AEG and BASR is how you compress the spring, or "energize it." You either overcome the springs resistance threw your own strength, or you use electricity to run a motor and gear train to do it. Neither of these effect volume in anyway. This only effect the cycle time and system efficiency.


To directly answer the "Are AEGs superior in every way?" That is not a truly easy question to answer.

In a very basic way, yes the AEG is superior. The more dawn out answer, "depends." Boils down to materials, quality of said materials, quality of manufacture processes, and design.

Looking at this question from an origin stand point, (1J, same hopup design, fixed hop) then the AEG will win every time basically. (So long as input energy is infinite and not factoring in wear...) However we all know it is not that black and white.

For us in other regions of the globe, power regulations are different, this changes the question of "is an AEG better then a BASR?"
I agree with the above. It's not the point I was making. That's what (and more) baffled me but you could say I was baffled so much, I couldn't make a straight constructive point..... therefore to be continued
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