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What base gun to get...

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So I am looking for a base gun to turn into a DMR.
Basically I want a smexy rifle. That can be turned into a machine of doom. I know I have high hopes and talk weird. But on to something else.

My First choice. A JG Sr25. I can find it for 98 dollars instead of 250 dollars on Black Friday.

My Second choice. A A&K SR25. 230 dollars. I don`t know how much it will be on sale for Black Friday.

My 3rd choice. My favorite one. A Snow Wolf Barrett M82. Regular it is 280. I don`t know about the sale and how much it will be.

I know all of these guns have their issues but what stock gun doesn't have issues.

I know the JG SR25 shoots really nice and accurate out of the box but weirdly it has a m4 length barrel? If I`m right... I am pretty sure the gears and everything will be strong saying it is JG but will have crappy shimming and grease. Besides that I am clueless.

Next. The A&K SR25 seems popular as a DMR and you should all know about it.

The next the Snow Wolf Barrett. Probably a step up from the JG Sr25 but still pretty crappy for the price. The reason I want it the fact that you never see a Barrett most of the time on your local field.

I have read the reviews on it and it seems okay and the great thing about it is it uses a standard V2 gearbox which is great for spare parts and upgrading. I will obviously turn it into a DMR with around 500 fps. Yes I realize I have to upgrade it ALOT.

So yeah those are my ideas what do you think? Any suggestions?
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Unless you are from somewhere that does not involve English being the first language, then you have no excuse for typing this way. There are several sentences throughout that I read 4-5 times and cannot make any sense out of. It is like you are combining sentences, while at the same time forgetting to type what you are thinking, leaving me about as lost as a rat on the moon.

Please improve your grammar and such. It makes things easier to read. Rather than have people spend time trying to figure out what you type, they can help you at a much faster rate.
Sorry about that. Yes I know I tend to go on and ramble on something completely random. But do you have any other suggestions besides grammar that can lead me to a good answer.
I wouldnt get the snow wolf, while it would be fun to have the weight and size of it is not desireable because you dont get the perks of 1000 yd shots and the ability to disable a vehicle. jg and a&k SR25's would be decent starter DMR's and I dont think that there will be a huge difference between them. Just plan on sinking some $ into it like any other rifle for it to be decent.
I wish airsoft Barretts had that perk. So the Sr25 aren`t bad. But how is the upgrading troubles?
JG=Some of the best stock gears & motors out there, but the barrel, hop up unit and the piston head, nozzle and cylinder head won't be the best but still usable.
A&K = Everything is generally quite good in them, not brilliant but good.
So pick up the JG Sr25 for 98 dollars instead of the standard 250 dollars. Get a good hopup chamber.(Which should I get?) Get a systema bucking, Get either a madbull barrel or a systema 509 mm. Guarder cylinder tune up kit and new piston.

Oh yeah before this trouble. Would it be more worth it to just get a m16? Seems less troubling.
M16 would be a much less troubling platform. Mags, and other internal parts will be easier to come by.
Yeah I should just go with what I been planning for a while but never got the money. A G&P m16 dmr platform.
Ive just started reading a few reviews on the Snow Wolf. From what ive heard, its an AMAZING deal. Although it is insanely long (Just under 5 feet), it is made from aluminium, so the weight is seriously toned down, making it a bit easier to carry around. With that said, I think a shorter, SR-25 based rifle to start out on would be better. Although you have totally raised my interest in this rifle...NO!!! Need to stick with my EBR....but its so beautiful....ARGGGG I hate you op

I have yet to try either of the sr 25's but it seems like its mostly based on what you feel most comfortable with. The Echo 1 is a great deal but will need a bit more work out of the box than the A&K. The A&K is better suited for someone a bit more unfamiliar with internals and wants something good stock.

Personally, I would go for the Echo 1 simply for the learning experience. Its cheaper so if it doesn't totally work out, than you didnt wast too much money. But it also helps you learn your way about a gear box and upgrading that you can put towards other guns or future products. You can do that with the A&K but it will cost you more money and you will see less of a jump in performance. Just my .2 though! Good luck!!
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Just saying I think the Echo 1 Sr25 is more expensive. I mean like 300 dollars compared to 200.
I know I really want that barrett. My mindset would be its a JG but with better internals and a AMAZING externals.
I heard alot of good of reviews on it which seems really nice.
Alot I should just do to it is get a good barrel and hop up system. Get a new o-ring then after that. Work on my airseal and reinforce the gearbox. Shim it and grease it appropriately I would be fine.
Also the Barrett has a v2 gearbox so you can just treat it like a m16 that looks really really cool.
To redraptor thank you for the twenty cents. XD
Oops! I meant the JG. Echo 1 usually rebrands 3/4 of JG's products so that was a minor slip up! And yes I actually meant .02 Im not at my brightest at two in the morning!
Just out of curiosity, where are you going to find more mags for the SW, and those that aren't high caps.
To Metallica. What do you mean those aren`t high caps? Besides that the SW barrett uses standard VN mags internal so its just a m16vn mag with a cool shell. Besides that if you really need to get a new mag because you just want one here you go.
Its fine raptor I`ll just refund the 18 cents extra you gave me. Yes I think the JG not bad and for 98 bucks why not. Amazing deal. Ughh Decisions.
My main decision. JG Sr25 for 98 dollars sale. G&P for sale 250 or the Snow Wolf Barrett I don`t know how much it is going to be on sale.
Or the ebay bid for the TM mk23 thats ending in 5 mins for 125 dollars ugh!
Those mags are all high-caps and sniper killers, and 34 dollars a piece... not very effective if you ask me.
Sniper killers??? Remember you can swap out the internals of the mag and put in a midcap. Its is basically a shell for a m16vn style magazine. Yes 34 dollar a piece is expensive. But really you can always change the internals of the mag. Not that hard and pretty cheap fix in case it breaks. But besides that would you say go or no go in the Barrett if I put down money for upgrades or would you recommended something else? Would be nice if I am the first one to review this gun on this forum. Hmmmm......
Meh, when your trying to be quiet, high caps are always really loud. Then you have to factor in the cost of the mid cap Nam mag in addition. Personally, the Barret style guns are just too impractical for airsoft. They're huge, heavy, no pouches for extra mags that I'm aware of, your very limited on barrels last time I checked. I'd recommend go to the store, and feel all three of the platforms out and think what'll be the easiest to use.
To metallic. You realize a midcap is only like 10 dollars. I only need one mag. Last time I had a airsoft gun a entire hour and a half of play I only spent 30 shots. The Barrett is most likely going to be used as a support gunner and a dmr. The SW Barrett is actually light. Compared to my friend`s RS Ak its is the same weight. I will most likely run a modern sniper loadout. I always have pockets What do you mean I am limited on barrel? It takes aeg cut barrel? Have you read the reviews? Its basically a m16 in a Barrett body but with bigger bore up.
The Barrett is just a... bad choice.

By barrel, he means the stupid length of it. Considering it uses a V2 GB, it also limits the amount of air you can put out, which my or may not cause mythical barrel suck.

Function > Fashion. I would rather have an M4 that shoots awesome over the Bullpup Ak that shoots like shit on the field. What I'm trying to say: Dont buy it because it looks cool and no one else has one.
Still wondering. I know I would rather take function over looks. But sometimes you think ughh so many freaking ugly m4 and m16. Like at my field this is the usually ratio. 80 out of 100 a m4 or m16 variant. 3 snipers on a good day including me. 17 AK or not m4/m16.
I know for sure the barrel doesn`t have the barrel suck back. The only problem with the gun is consistency. With =-20 your not going to hit the broad side of a barn. And really Bullpup ak look really ugly. Are you talking about beta or bullpup but still both are ugly. Also barrel suck comes when you have very low fps and low air output. Like for example putting a 650 mm barrel to a m80 spring. Your probably not going to have the bb flying out of the barrel faster than a 1 dollar spring pistol. Remember there is always the magic saw. Cutting down the Barrett is a option. The inner barrel doesn`t reach the end of the barrel so you can saw off a good like 6 inches.
Basically if someone can make a m16 dmr with a 650 mm barrel it can be down with the Barrett. Same internals and rock solid.
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