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What color to paint my type 96?

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I got an l96 that I am just now starting to put mods into. I also want to paint it. It is currently black, and of course, that sticks out like a sore thumb.

I am not sure whether I want to paint it one color or have it in some sort of camo pattern. I REALLY REALLY REALLY like the thought of making it dual toned. I want to paint the stock of the gun asparagus green and leave the butt plate, scope, bolt assembly and barrel black

What do you guys think? Any color suggestions? Also, after I paint the gun, what type of coating to I have to put on top of the paint, if any?

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Get some Krylon Fusion and go to town with the colors that you like. Painting a rifle really isn't all that hard. Just get going and make sure that you go slow, because you are always able to put more paint on, but never the other way around!

Here are a few pics of the paint I am working on now....

This one isn't quite done yet, as I still have a few more layers to put on. But just go slow and build up the layers. And remember your sunlight..... high spots should get dark and low spots should get bright. This will even out the rifle, and make it look more "flat" to a human eye.
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It doesn't have to be on its side, I do all of mine like they are in the picture. Just make sure that you do nice light coats, or you will get runs that will look like poo.

I always put a clear coat over the paint. Even though the paint says it wont chip or anything like that, after awhile you will see the paint coming off around the handgrips and forgrips. The clear just gives you a little extra to keep your paint looking nice. Just make sure that everything is nice and dry before you clear it as well.
Think of your rifle like a face. The high spots would be the forehead, chin, brow, and cheek bones. Where as your eyes, under your nose, and throat are all low spots.

The high spots will get darker colors ( browns, blacks, dark greens )
The low spots will get lighter colors ( tans, loams, whites )

The reasoning behind the "method" is to bring the low spots out and the high spots down. This will make a face, or a rifle, look like more of a flat object.

Now taking this to a rifle we can do the same thing.... the high spots would be the top of the rifle, bolt knob, cheek piece, and anything sticking off of the rifle. The low spots would be the under side of the barrel, and some of the sides of the stock as well.

Or for an easier option just use layers... start with a base color. Then find an object you can use as a stencil ( be it grass, leaves, sticks, or anything else ) and spray your colors over the rifle. By using a few different colors and over lapping them, you will create a "3-D" effect if you will. And this is what you will be going for, as this will make the rifle look like apart of the surrounding area.
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Oh just do it!! If it doesn't turn out like you were thinking, just get some stripper and remove it.
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