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What color to paint my type 96?

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I got an l96 that I am just now starting to put mods into. I also want to paint it. It is currently black, and of course, that sticks out like a sore thumb.

I am not sure whether I want to paint it one color or have it in some sort of camo pattern. I REALLY REALLY REALLY like the thought of making it dual toned. I want to paint the stock of the gun asparagus green and leave the butt plate, scope, bolt assembly and barrel black

What do you guys think? Any color suggestions? Also, after I paint the gun, what type of coating to I have to put on top of the paint, if any?

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Ok thanks for all the idea, I am on a budget so spraypaint is my only option. Is there a special aftercoating I need to put on after i paint the rifle?
Ok guys, thank you for all of the input. I just finished my rifle. Please tell me what you think, I can take anything negative.

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Nice color man. However you may want to add a second color and unless you are going to put a ghillie wrap over the barrel and scope, paint them aswell because they will stick out.
what color do you suggest?
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