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What color to paint my type 96?

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I got an l96 that I am just now starting to put mods into. I also want to paint it. It is currently black, and of course, that sticks out like a sore thumb.

I am not sure whether I want to paint it one color or have it in some sort of camo pattern. I REALLY REALLY REALLY like the thought of making it dual toned. I want to paint the stock of the gun asparagus green and leave the butt plate, scope, bolt assembly and barrel black

What do you guys think? Any color suggestions? Also, after I paint the gun, what type of coating to I have to put on top of the paint, if any?

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Krylon camo paint works the best for me.Not to mention it blends with almost anything and is easy on the wallet.
what color do you suggest?
I would say tan, brown or both. Unless you want to go with a fancy camo design, stick to a rough tiger stripe design. Its effective and it looks cool.
On mine I just seperated the upper and lower recievers on my l96, taped it all up, and used a coat of tan, then stripes of OD, then less striped of brown, added some vegetation outlines of green and brown, and finished off with a tad of black sprayed from farther away to give a little bit of a shaddow to it.
I feel whopping leaves in spray painting will look good.
What you are trying to do with camouflage is break up the outline of the rifle to trick peoples eyes into not seeing a gun shaped object.

Not being black is a good start. However ideally I would say you want to physically disrupt the outline if it.

Doesn't matter how much contrast you have on the rifle if its silhouetted. Like so:

The floating gun. This guys suit blends him in well but the rifle stands out like a sore thumb.

The edges are so sharp they show up really well. Better to put a wrap on there to break up the outline.


Also some effective paint jobs look quite rubbish, some great paint jobs won't do much to camouflage, the best both look great and are effective. Have a look in the photos section for some inspiration. :)
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I don't like paint. Oh I do use a little, but not as a majority.
I like a wrap. More options in the field, like stick in some local brush.
Where we play, dead grass is all around. This blends into that terrain.
Besides, it's easier to take off to work on the rifle than paint is. :doh:

Rifle, hat, and crawling cape.
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