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What do you think about this vsr 10 trigger design (2 stage )

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Hi guys this is my design for a vsr10 trigger. I like the 2 stage trigger sistem with a travel trigger before a quick piston release
What do you think about it?


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Well, the release is too short with a short and quick contact, I think that's a good thing, But otherwise I don't know if in the 90 degrees triggers, the piston spring will add to the trigger more pressure making the trigger pull harder, in that case the sear spring should be more light
Very nice.
I thought about doing this but I couldn't be bothered.
It would be interesting to see a design where the sear drops straight down though.

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Hum... Like a door lock?
Put an adjusting grub screw facing upwards at the back of the first trigger sear (on the actual trigger). This screw would then mean that you could adjust the travel of the first stage.
Yes, I was thinking on that too.
Do you think that a strong spring like a M190 or the PDI150 will make the pulling of the trigger more heavy?
A little roller on the sear, that's a good idea!
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A silencer on the trigger mechanism?
Airsoft pro cylinder head and that kind of beauty sponge for makeup glued oin the top of the piston, and you will have the most silence rifle
1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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