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What exactly are the sun project guns?

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What are the Pros and cons? What's so special about them?
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I have the SP M40A1XB or the older version of XB... It has o-ring hop up and you can't adjust it.

The pros...
Build quality compared with moderm guns
The hop up doesn't lose the setting, extremely helpful at very long games.
Real trademarks.
Rarity these days
Good accuracy when you find the "right" ammo.

The cons...
Lack of spare/upgrade parts
It's not compatible with other guns, even with other SP versions!
It's near imposible to find mags

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The best SPs vs the best type96/VSR-10s?
On average who would perform best as far as consistency, and accuracy go.
I haven't test the SP thoroughly, mainly cause I haven't mags for it!
I hand feed it so I've only fired few shots, I'm now modifing it to accept APS2 mags.

The previous owner told me it has similar groupings to a good VSR but shorter range.

I don't have the time now to work on it as I'm working mostly on my CA M24 and some pistol projects but I hopping to finish it during summer.

Well it looks to me they are NOS (New Old Stock)
There are still not available mags for them!

None of these guns are new design..
The TGC still probably has the fixed 3 oring hop up ( Nothing wrong about it if you ask me!).

If your saying the sun project BV guns.. They...

-During the ending of the classic era they bought things from the bankrupt classic airsoft companies like JAC.
-They attempt to bring classic airsoft guns back to popularity.
-They use the escort engine on their guns

-Escort system
-Use of BV like engine and a external gas system
-Use Marui magazines unlike other classic airsoft guns (rare mags)
-Good blowback

-Uses way too much gas-> Poor gas efficiency.
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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