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Oakey said:
phridum said:
Ooh...cold water is a bad idea. I'll have to check up on the facts of why though...I'll give you a post on water temps...
I know what you're referring to, Phridum. I've heard that warm water is better for your body, do to the fact that it is closer to your core body temperature, in relation to cold water.
The problem with cold water is it takes too long for your body to process it, so by the time it's ready for your body to use, it may be too late.

When I was in Basic, we were never aloud to drink anything other than room temp. water, especially before/after PT. We had to sit out canteens out in the sun so they could warm up during PT so it was ready for us to drink after PT.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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