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What Grinds your Gears?

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Hey, me and Octoberknight were talking and we thought it would be cool to have a section about stupid things people do at airsoft events/games with friends. I feel everyone has got a story about someone that just gets you angry (maybe does not call a hit no matter how obvious or just says stupid things when playing

Maybe there could be a thread in the general section about this, or maybe a whole section for it by itself. I don't know whats best for the forum.

Just a thought, let me know what you guys think.

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"keep it to general "I hate it when this happens" statements. That should be more than enough for everyone and I think that was Fuzzy's original intent."

Thanks Zulu for making that comment and clearing things up. I feel this would be a good thread to talk about things in general that happen at a game with friends or at events. There is no need to hurt anyones feelings, in fact no names at all, even if no one else knows who it is.

I feel everyone here on this forum is one giant community here to learn and teach other people things. For example, Zulu helped me choose the path to upgrade my rifle. I have learned alot from him and now I am able to help other people out too.

Hope this whole thing can work out peacefully :) I by no means want to hurt anyones feelings at all.

I understand what you mean octoberknight. However, I say like Zulu said, keep names out of it. That way, your "pillow" takes the blow and not the person you are talking about. ;)
Ok, glad we cleared that up, now we just need approval from the mods :)
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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