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What has happened!?

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Well to start off and try to see where I am coming from. I am 16 and my girlfriend is 17, longest boyfriend, her first kiss, and her dad saw it. He added me on facebook and we talk alot. I was asking him if he knew a place where I could zero my rifle in. He said his back yard when I get it, and on top of that is willing to show me some sniper tactics and my team some cqb tactics.

Her dad is on the SWAT team and also a sniper. She don't like that we talk alot and finds it weird. Now correct me if I am wrong but when I was little wasn't I always watching shows where the boyfriend and the dad hated each other, but no it's like he wants me to date his daughter.

Now I ask you all, What has happened in this world?
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Pretty awesome man. Sounds like you don't want to get caught sneaking into her bedroom.

My friends girlfriend's dad is the chief mechanic for the American Jaguar LeMans racing team. He teaches me how to weld aluminum and titanium and cool metals.
I think its weird that she thinks its weird you talk to her dad a lot. She needs to realize this is a good thing. After all, isn't that better than having a dad that is a jerk, and doesn't like having you around?

It's a good situation. She only thinks it's "weird" because she's concerned her Dad is taking priority over her. Because he is "cool" to you, and that's what she wants to be to you essentially. Basic psychological analysis really without knowing more. Either way, keep up the good relations and make sure you keep her close and remind her how "cool" she is and you should be good to go.
She needs you for "her time" and she is feeling like her dad is getting in the way.

Make it a point a few times a week to go over to her house to just see her. Don't talk about any rifles, airsoft or anything that "you to do together" Because it sounds like that is making her feel left out, and that you are going over there just to hang out with her dad and not her.
I don't know how you managed to get your girlfriends dad to like you? ??? Any of my girlfriends dads have ended up chasing me out of the house in the middle of the night ranting and shouting all his plans to kill me
I can't seem to please the parents as well :-/

Frankly, I would be scared ****less to date a girl who's dad was on a SWAT team.
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It isn't that bad....

My wifes dad is a Vietnam Vet, and there are times when can be ..... well lets just say "fun".

Just keep your nose clean, and don't piss the dad off ;)
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