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What Holsters do y'all use? Plus looking for hi capa holster

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Hey guys,

I'm just curious what holsters people like to use for those who do carry pistols. From my experience, I've come to like hardshell holsters in general, but I am having trouble finding a holster that will fit my KJW kp-05 5.1 Hi-capa, anyone have any experience with hardshell holster compatibility with hi capa's?
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I've run a few with my Hi-capa. Had a pretty nice G-code holster which was probably the best/most protective option. Never had an issue with it, except it did sit rather far from the hip due to the mounting mechanism. I've also run the warrior assault systems universal that was previously mentioned. Great holster too, no problems except it's not the most protective and the thumb release was in a different position that I wasn't quite used to. The last one I tried was a cheapo evike/matrix brand serpa style holster. It was something like $20 and frankly it felt like $20 quality. That said, it did work more or less as intended.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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