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What is an XR-Hop?

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I stumbled across the term XR-Hop in an older thread.

However I didn't find out anything more about it, other than it being invented by Hunterseeker5 (So I guess it's similar to the R/ER-Hop).
As far as I know, there was Information about it on ASM, sadly I never had the chance to read anything on ASM, as the site went down.
But I thought, that some of you may have read about it on ASM.

So does anyone know, what it is/what makes it different from R-Hop, and what benefits it could possibly bring?
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Quick google shows it means extended R-Hop- usually referred to as ER-Hop I believe.

The concept seems like a gimmick to me. I've rarely even seen basic flat-hopped buckings struggle to over-hop BBs, never seen it happen to a Maple Leaf, so I'm pretty sure there's no situation a standard R-Hop can't create over-hop. If that's the case, then the only difference a longer patch could make would be needing less pressure to apply the same amount of hop-up, which does not actually seem like a good thing (potentially decreased FPS, maybe even less consistently-downward pressure?).
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Yes and no, Mr. Marker. I've done a couple of extended hops and again, sounding like a broken record, it's all in the tuning. My L96 is sporting an extended R hop. What I do like is much less FPS drop than a standard hop, or rather sudden drop by increasing duration of patch contact over pressure. BUT, you have to be more diligent in how you set it up as the BB will be in contact for a longer duration and thus, more potential for it to generate spin off course.

The elongated hop was a real trick to dial in, but now that it is, it's rock solid. If you're going to install and tune a longer hop patch you have to rethink how do business slightly...
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By that reasoning it'd be pointless on a VSR system as more hop typically creates more fps, and not less like you see on other systems (such as your L96).
When I googled it, I came to the conclusion that it is different from ER-Hop. On Hunterseekers Website, he mentions both, but it doesn`t sound like they are the same.

On August,24,2011 he posted:
"IR-Hop and IER-Hop

I'm officially announcing the new IR-hop and IER-hop here. This is my new ice hop designed to tolerate extreme cold weather and still function. It also is very applicable to things like GBBRs which squirt freezing gasses on the hop, as this maintains zero. Below is an image comparing the IER-hop to a regular ER-hop next to two raw cut (unfinished) barrels."

On December,12,2011 he posted:

Yes for those of you who have listened closely I've mentioned the XR-hop's existence a couple times now, but never any more than this. For the people who actually waste their time reading the crap I write I'll post up a picture of it so you can see just what a monster it really is:"

There was a picture below that, however I couldn`t open/view it.

Also some people in this forum were saying they are two different things.
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Welp. Yeah that's weird. Maybe HS5 just meant it was an extremely extended, or extra large (width) R-Hop? Curious.
This R hop business is like trying to define all the different genres of heavy metal. bawwhaahaa!!!

In this case, R hop is more of a 'genus' than an actual and absolute final product. I can say that I have r hopped a bunch of guns, but they may vary slightly depending on application and desired end result. So, in this case do we deem any hop with a patch that is attached to the inner barrel and not part of the bucking to be an R hop? 'hoppicus maximus'? 'R hoppeat siliconus'? That kind of thing? I know, I watched far too much Wile E Coyote.

Regardless, this was still written about 7 years ago now and is still quite vague. I wonder why that is? I've been r hopping (in various forms) guns for almost five years now and never got my secret society card yet...hmmm...
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I'd say from a technical perspective it would be any patch connected to the barrel and separate from the bucking. This leaves wiggle room for those people that perhaps don't just attach a barrel shaped patch and instead modify their R hop patches to have their own designs on the intaglio. Not that that's necessarily something I've seen, but I have thought about it and I'm sure others have too.

The new generation of "R-hop" buckings however has muddied the water. Their designs do very well mimic the design and performance of what most people consider to be an R-Hop. Performance being the one thing no one can seem to agree on definitively because there's never been any well publicized, unbiased, detailed and objective testing. Either way, "R-Hop" buckings are still just that.. buckings.

So either you're going to go by patch design, which seems quite limiting, or by how it's installed/fabricated - there by leaving some leeway with how the whole thing is designed. I mean an autobot, super, wonder, mr hop, etc all have different patches, but we still call them buckings because that's what they are.
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To me an R-Hop is made by HS5 or made out of the same material that he uses ( or at least one that’s very similar).
What an R-Hop is, got kinda lost nowadays as people are advertising everything as r-Hop that has a concave contact surface (for example TNT buckings, sometimes even s-hops...).
I hope that someone actually had the chance to read about the XR-Hop, before that information got lost.
I thought that it was probably some Xtended-Extended-R-Hop, however I’m not sure (which is why I made this thread).
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To me an R-Hop is made by HS5
Honestly this is pretty much the only take that uses hard logic. Like probably 99% of cases where some phrase gets coined, it's almost certainly not a 100% unique and original concept- in R-Hop's case, it's essentially a translation of Tanaka's stock bucking system onto more standard barrel cuts. Ideas don't spring out of thin air, and R-Hop's existence in the evolution of bucking surely isn't an exception- so I agree and have always tried to avoid calling something 'R-Hop' if it's not a literal 'R-Hop' sold by HS5.
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The XR hop was an experimental idea that HS5 was toying with. He sent me a prototype for testing that I simply never got around to and eventually got thrown out when I did a clean up of my stuff.

The premise of the idea was to cut the first inch or so off the barrel (square and deburred/chamftered). This is the hop up window side I am talking about, not the muzzle end. It was then replaced with a 3d printed housing glued to the cut end of the barrel that hand a long narrow hole in the top (something like 2mm wide by 10mm long or so. In that hole was fitted a strip of the R-hop material. The idea was that a long narrow contact patch would reduce the chance of side contact that could throw of the spin axis of a bb.

I think the idea never went anywhere do to the inherent complexity of attaching the housing straight and square to the barrel.
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So if I understood that correctly, you had to cut the part of the barrel where the hopup-window is straight of,
and the 3d printed housing basically replaces that part of the barrel?

So it looks like that?:

3D-part Barrel

If so, I think it would have been better/easier if you cut the hopup-window-part of, but then just milled the small slot into the barrel (assuming that a narrower patch would reduce the chance of side contact, which I doubt).
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Yep, thats pretty much exactly how it looked.
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