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What is the best diameter?

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Ive heard a lot of things, from a lot of different people, but there doesnt seem to be any real consistency in what the best diameter for an inner barrel to be is. Ive been told 6.01 is the way to go, and Ive also heard that 6.07 is the one thats best for snipers. What is true, and what do YOU use? I personally have a 6.01 and have about a 2 inch grouping at 110 feet (after which it declines rather rapidly).

And rather than just saying the the best diameter, a little explanation as to WHY would be nice ;)
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You called, citizen?

Anyway... :yup:

It all depends on the perfectness of the bore. According to the math, if the spin is not jerky at all, a perfectly flat plane is the best 'barrel'. However, this is not always the case. Therefore, depending on your hop system, different barrel sizes are appropriate. In a normal hop system, 6.03s are good because they guide the bb, but still provide a wide enough bore so that the bb bounces less. In theory, with an ER-hop, a larger bore, like 6.05 would be better. This doesn't always pan out, mostly because 6.05-6.08 have kinda crappy bore quality (in general) for some reason. There are exceptions, but they are stainless steel and a royal PITA to machine. :shrug:

Basically, the best bore (most consistent) is in barrels of diameter 6.01 and 6.03 (I guess because of tolerances?), but a 6.01 is too tight, so a 6.03 is best (realistically, not theoretically).

I use 6.03 madbull black python and prometheus (those are really the only two barrels I ever use) and I just got my M24 shooting 7 inch groups at 121 meters (prometheus barrel, stock length). Not to worry, it is at about 600 fps and I am using steel bbs, so no skirmishing with it, I am afraid. Not to mention trigger pull is a bitch...

I just noticed - 1500th post! Woot!
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Yeah, that's why I did it. :yup:

That took basically constant tuning from the time I got it until like yesterday. Over 300-350 hours of tuning...on one rifle...
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