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What is the best diameter?

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Ive heard a lot of things, from a lot of different people, but there doesnt seem to be any real consistency in what the best diameter for an inner barrel to be is. Ive been told 6.01 is the way to go, and Ive also heard that 6.07 is the one thats best for snipers. What is true, and what do YOU use? I personally have a 6.01 and have about a 2 inch grouping at 110 feet (after which it declines rather rapidly).

And rather than just saying the the best diameter, a little explanation as to WHY would be nice ;)
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I remeber seeing that a 6.03 was the best of all worlds. a .01 is too tight, and anything bigger is bad.
Have a PDI RAVEN 6.01 in the BAR10 im trading away. Got fairly good groupings for the price.
I use a 6.01 on the untested theory that when/if the bb bounces around in the barrel it will give it less room to bounce around, and so will give it less room to exit at a diagonal. I could be completely wrong but it's just a theory.
This is the impression I'm under. Cheeseman is probably the most knowledgeable on this subject around here.

1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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