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What is the perfect VSR stock?

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Pretty simple question, complicated to answer. What's the perfect VSR stock? Does one even exist? I'm curious as to everyone's opinion on stocks as I'm not sure there's a "perfect" stock for the VSR. What's y'alls favorite out of the all the mass-produced and custom ones out there?

And now for the hard part: if you had to list out the features of YOUR perfect VSR stock, what would that include?
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AR pistol grip
No pic rails anywhere (that's you ML)
Rigid plastic with metal inserts, maybe Delrin or glass fiber Nylon (one of the better PA series)
Real steel buffer tube threading, with a skelly stock option available
C bands with screws to lock down your outer barrel
Super slim
Either takes M4 or AR-308 mags
Realistic mag placement
M-LOK everywhere
Super light
AR-15 compatible trigger guard
Built in mag block

That's about it, but at that point like somebody said, you may as well slide the action way back to make it a semi bullpup, make a fatter and shorter cylinder, make a more compact and less shitty trigger system.
If you're going that far, I'd make an outer barrel that isn't 30 mil OD as pretty much all sniper barrels look dumb. I'd do a more hunting rifle style profile, maybe with fluting, but I think a taper would be hard, heavy, expensive, and mostly pointless.
Could make both that and a VSR stock though.

Also, buffer tubes look stupid as hell on a gun that doesn't have a buffer system, so I'd definitely look at the afore . mentioned skelly stock if one isn't using a UGS setup.
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SR-25/AR-308 mags would be great as they're cheap and very available.

M14s are very mixed in quality from what I learned with my first VSR-SS, and there's really not much else out there unless you wanna do some proprietary mag from another company like Silverback.

M4 would be great too though, there's the best selection of stuff and there's some cool short ones.
Do you mean like on the Fix by Q? View attachment 20863
That'd be cool, but I meant for like anywhere with threads like the buffer tube area and any area that saw friction with other metal.
That is cool though, could be implemented depending on how much it was.
Yeah, my VSR-SS ended up looking dumb because it was too tall, so I don't think that a top feed mag would be so good after all.

Definitely look at Delrin/POM/Acetal, the PA## series, or maybe even ABS like I used. Injection molding would be cool, but I doubt you've got 10-50K sitting around for a mould.

could a carbor fiber or fiberglass thing be done?
Ideally it'd be a VSR-ONE that doesn't suck as much balls, from my understanding.

If you look at real guns, most stocks are made of plastic with the exception being Gucci LR rifles where they want as much weight as they can get, like a 35 pound rifle in .300 winmag. Some are even made of wood🤮, if you can believe that.
I've got just the UGS reg, with both the TM and AR adapters.

What do you need?
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