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What is the perfect VSR stock?

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Pretty simple question, complicated to answer. What's the perfect VSR stock? Does one even exist? I'm curious as to everyone's opinion on stocks as I'm not sure there's a "perfect" stock for the VSR. What's y'alls favorite out of the all the mass-produced and custom ones out there?

And now for the hard part: if you had to list out the features of YOUR perfect VSR stock, what would that include?
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Whilst can't help with current vsr stocks as only tried a standard r700 style (which is a bit meh) on a vsr.

I do like a l96 or m40 style where your shooting hand grips the rifle in a more vertical style, makes it a lot more comfortable to use overall I find.

Pistol grips can work nicely as well but depending on stock design can sometimes look a bit ugly if not matched well.
I think it's genius to build a mag feed into the stock (tm m40 / silverback style) so you can use proper mags and location.

Suppose the decision is do you do a speedy boi just attach an M4 mag for convenience or do you design it to take mags for bigger round irl (eg M14 or anything bigger than 5.56 really)
1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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