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For example how you you carry ammo, foliage, mags
Your gun

I know this might be a repost, but its always fun to see what other people use and to share what you use.

Also I know most of you don't like vests and use belts.

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For my gun I use a one-point sling during game, and for transportation a gun bag that you can put it on your back.
For the rest of the things I use in-game a big dump pouch (attached on belt laterally) and a big utility pouch (attached on leg) for food, BBs, batteries etc and another big dump pouch (attached on belt backside) for a 3/4 ghillie suit, and for transportation a 3-day assault backpack.
I always carry the mags on my vest.

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I have taken to running a Blackhawk STRIKE LBE and really like it. If an old ALICE LC2 rig and a battle belt/ harness got together and made a baby this is what would pop out. On this rig I run my P226 in a SERPA, grenade & smoke grenade, spare pistol mags, spare 10rd rifle mag, radio pouch, and shotgun shell pouch (for CO2 carts) with room to spare. For longer MILSIM games I attach an enhanced butt pack to carry snacks, ammo, ghillie hood, etc. What I like about it is that you can open it up while lying prone and it doesn't get in the way, but easily button it up for secure wear while on the move. The back piece is also mesh which helps in the summer.

On my rifle, I use a QR Outlaw Sling (The QR Outlaw Sling) which I REALLY like. It is a design similar to a biathalon sling and I find it extremely useful. It is far more secure than standard slings and I don't have to worry about it falling off my shoulder when moving into position or climbing a ladder. It also distributes weight very well which is an added bonus.

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After far too many experiments with loadout, I have arrived at this base:

The core of it is a Condor battle belt, H-harness and hydration carrier II that are all threaded together utilizing the existing molle. On the back third of the belt I carry a dump pouch (right) and radio (left) with a long whip antenna woven through the underside of the hydration carrier molle. On the left is a Phantom double M4 mag pouch (optionally used for carrying Thunder-B's) and a spot for a holster. On the right I have a strap cutting tool and a double flash bang pouch for carrying smoke. A single point weapon mount is integrated on the right shoulder strap.

Underneath the battle belt I have attachment points on both sides for drop-leg options. The main one I use is a 6-mag (M4) shingle, which allows me to carry a total of 10 midcaps if I don't carry grenades. If I wear two drop-legs, the second is just a general panel I can attach anything else to.

What I like best about this rig is the flexibility of it. I can run any platform I have in any play style simply by adding/removing a drop leg and shuffling a few items between pouches while retaining space for a HPA tank (up to a 90/4500) and water. The whole thing goes on/off with 1-5 quick release buckles.

My alternative rig for longer games where I need to carry both a sniper/DMR and a CQB platform uses the same general belt layout but is transferred over to an Eberlestock LoDrag pack with an integrated rifle scabbard.

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When sniping:

No sling

Mayflower UV IV chest rig with room for ammo, radio, and some light snacks. then a backpack for foodprep etc.
The kit is usually designed for all-day sustain.

For Direct Action kit:

VTAC unpadded 2-point sling

Crye Precision CPC with mags, pistol mags, a assault backplate with room for a lot of different items, camelbak depository, a small set of First Aid accessories in an IFAK pouch and a 2nd utility pouch for easy-to-grab gear such as snackbars, a windbreaker etc.

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For short skirmish games...
I run a sniper with 2x pistol mag pouches attached to the stock. colt25 pistol in one and a speed loader in the other ... no sling. Ghillie suit, always, even in CQB.

For longer games...
I run the same sniper rifle + a gun belt with a M9 and 3 pistol mag pouches... extra mags and speed loader. + water bottle (or soft bottle) in the dump pouch.

I've never played a multiple hour milsim game...
I do have a condor plate carrier with an admin pouch, multiple m4 mag pouches, radio pouch on front. I would put a hydration pouch on back. Plate carrier along with my pistol belt.

I am considering a micro chest rig to carry a pistol for medium length games as an alternate between the plate carrier and the pistol belt.

Only in a day (or longer) game would I use a sniper + pistol + AEG.

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Depends what I feel like doing, or what role I am in a squad.

Set 1
Battle belt with m4 shingle (left side), Phantom dump pouch (back left), triple pistol pouch (right front), radio (back right), right leg pistol drop leg, camelbak.

Set 2
Fullclip Combo rig (Gen 1), m4 shingle, dump pouch, pistol mag pouch, drop leg, radio pouch.

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Hehehe, funny to see how many people keep it simple. Especially Bushmaster haha :)

I like to keep it simple as well, a BDU, chest rig, boonie and a backpack. I'm kinda fitting everything into the chest rig though, except for spare ammo and a hydration pouch, that goes into the backpack.

I just carry my rifle by hand, and I use a one point sling for an mp5k pdw which servers as a sidearm. I have 3 rifle mags and 2 mp5k midcaps. I also use a dump pouch which doesn't support the mp5 but does prevent it from going everywhere.

I'm playing around with the idea of getting rid of the backpack and using a camelbak instead. Keeps everything lighter. I'd just carry two speedloaders filled with bb's with me and that ought to be enough haha.

The only downside of a chestrig is that it's hard to access while prone. But to be honest, that doesn't bother me too much. I don't have too much trouble reaching my mags and as long as I can still access my sidearm in case all hell breaks loose :p

Here's a pic of my loadout as I used it this weekend (without the dump pouch for the mp5), works pretty well for me :)


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When I ghillie up (main rifle either SVD or M82A1):

Jackal Ghillie Suit- Woodland
-sniper shroud (worn as neck wrap)
-Lancer Tactical eye pro
-black Oakley Pilots (fantastic gloves, 10/10)
-Condor A-TACS hat (used in cohesion with ghillie hood)
-full Iron Face to protect pearly whites

Condor MCR3 chest panel
-EDC pouch (fits one .50 cal mag or two SVD mags)
-three pistol mag pouches
-super advanced rubber knife of ascending justice

Surplus Combat Belt
-double M4 pouches (for longer games when I run a CQB gun alongside my long rifle. Traditionally, I use an AK-SD)
-tornado holster modified for belt (KJW Hi-capa or Gemtech Ruger Mk, 2)

All the gear fits over ghillie suit, but can also be worn underneath for milsim/stealthy goodness. If I'm not running the ghillie, I usually wear my standard milsim gear (generic multicam tacticoolness is for another list, I presume).

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There's a few loads I like to run:

Bush Wookie:
I wear my desert ghillie boonie and jacket that I made. I also have pants, but I prefer to just wear the multicam pants I have or british desert pants as I usually end up taking the ghillie off and the pants just catch on everything, I made the jacket very long anyway.

I use my CYMA SVD and I carry 1 of my 2 mags in one of the pockets on the ghillie jacket (It's made with a tan painted ACU base)

I usually wear a belt and carry a pistol holster with my KJW P226 in it.
For eyepro, mesh goggles because normal ones always end up getting fogged with the ghillie

However I tend to get overheated with it, so I usually go with my DMR loadout.

Either multicam jacket or tan t-shirt with a Black Matrix plate carrier on top.
In the carrier I have water and an ak hicap for some extra ammo, I carry one of the svd mags in my dump pouch with the water. I have a hole cut in one of the M4 pouches to put my P226 in as well.

Green Beret, mesh googles, multicam pants and SVD on top of that. I also use a similar loadout with my AK, just more AK mags

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I personally run something more akin to a DMR loadout, as I am the recon man for my team, and it is as follows:
Valken V-Tac glasses, full seal
Condor OD shemagh (worn as neck wrap)
Woodland camoflauge bdu pants
OD. Green T-shirt
Green and black surpluss jungle boots
G-force knee pads (OD)
Condor operator cap (OD)
Lancer tactical dropleg holster

And of course, my Lancer tactical m4 chest rig, set up like so:
Condor double m14 mag pouch (right side)
Condor horizontal utility pouch (left side)
Lancer tac. Double pistol mag pouch (right shoulder)
Cold steel military classic training knife (left shoulder)
Lancer tactical hydration carrier

The weapons are straight forward:
Well mb4403B L115 sniper rifle, black (I call her "Lady LaRue")
Offbrand co2 nbb HK45-T pistol (soon to be replaced by either a blowback m92f or nickle m1911)

Of course, sometimes I swap the shemagh and op-cap out for my everyday cowboy hat, hence my callsign; Cowboy.

Idk if that counts as weird or what, but hey, move fast, stay quiet and hit hard, that's my motto!
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At the moment, this is what I run, since the field I frequent is poorly planned for snipers.

Eyepro: ESS Ice w/ high clearance nosepiece
Uniform: Digiflora
Gloves: PIG FDT Ranger Green
Kneepads: Alta
Rig: 6sh112 in digiflora, 4x2 AK pouches, 2 Flare pouches, 2 VOG pouches, 2 Pistol mag pouches, dump pouch, radio pouch. Serpa holster.
For longer games, I carry a Source Assault backpack as well.
Boots: Meindel Derby GTX
Primary: VFC AKS-74U (CQB) or Cyma AK-74N w/ GP-25 (Woodland)
Secondary: Cyma Glock 18c (cold weather) or KWA Glock 17
Radio: Baofeng something-or-other


Eyepro: Same as above
Uniform: Crye Gen3 Multicam
Gloves: PIG FDT Coyote
Rig: LBT 6094C, XL ballistic plates (level 4 iirc), LBT Triple M4 kangaroo, 4 Snigel Design Short Mag pouches, Emdom Double M4 pouch, HSGI Mag-Net, 2 LBT Medium Modular Pouches, TT Multipurpose pouch, HSGI Mini Radio Pouch, Source Razor hydration, Serpa attached on front of PC.
Primary: ICS M4
Secondary: Same as above
Radio: Same as above

Usually run one of those, depending on who I play with.

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-Condor Battle Belt Black Small
-Tactical Belt Black
-Condor H-Harnass Black
-Hydration Pouch Black
-Camelbak Omega 3l
-Pantac Weapon Catch Black
-Voodoo Tactical Shotgun Scabbard Black
-Voodoo Tactical First Aid Pouch Black
-Condor HRR Pouch Black
-Voodoo Tactical Tripple M4 Mag Pouch Black
-King Arms Tripple Pistol Pouch Black
-Voodoo Tactical Dump Pouch Black
-Condor Kangaroo M4 Mag Pouch Black
-Goblin Solo Holster Black
-UTG Tornado Drop Leg Holster Black

Adapted for my ghillie at the moment, which is QD with two carabine hooks

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I adopted more of a squad based role in which I am the long range option for farther out targets. Therefore I still am in the thick of things quite often and find myself carrying a bit more gear than the rest of you gents. Loadout as follows:

Viper Hood
Pantac RRV with backback plus hydration bladder
3 Rifle Double Taco pouches on front
2 Thunder B / 40mm pouches on left hand side
Nothing on the right hand side so I have quick access to my sidearm if things go south
Riggers belt which holds:
dump pouch
1 CQC hard shell holster for my sidearm
3 Pistol Mag pouches
Deadrag tactical pouch made from duct tape
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