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I'd been just your standard M4 user up until a serious head injury during a game, and the concussion was the least of my problems - "take it easy for the next few months" is more or less what the doctors told me. I figured I'd get into sniping, less moving, less run-and-gun, and knew a guy that was selling a fully upgraded VFC M40A3 for super cheap - one of my dream rifles. This was also when sniper gameplay was on the rise, late 2015 - when Novritsch had a whopping 40 videos on his page, 200k subscribers, was still using an entire digital camcorder on top of his scope, Bodgeups was still active... Good times. I'd wanted to start recording gameplay, and figured the best route was going to be with the sniper.

7 years later, and I just can't really get back into standard infantry. Maybe it's because I've kinda let myself go over the past few years, but there's just something always more appealing to me about really thinking about the shot you're about to send downrange, waiting for the right moment, adjusting for wind and distance, and watching that single little bugger fly - it's a bit more appealing than your typical spray-and-pray.
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