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I have always been interested in Sniper rifles.

I guess I got my start into Airsoft Snipers as it was the first gun I owned, (UFC SUPER9) complete junk but so much fun to use. Followed by a JG VSR-10 which was a lot better. I find my enjoyment comes from being support more than being front line, running an LMG or a bolt gun is more fun for me I guess.

My first actual airsoft game I played I found that I had the most fun using 'sniper' like guns for the first game I used a CYMA M14 scout which was a blast, from then on sniper rifles were my go too platforms. I used an ARES AW338 for a long time, I really like the challenge of having one shot vs the enemies full auto and coming out on top. And topping it off with using a full ghillie only adds to the fun when someone walks right by you when you're all cammed up is a thrill.

I'd say probably like most the COD4 mission really sparked my itch for sure.
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