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So I could dress like a Wookie and sleep under bushes.

Or, more accurately, some friends started playing and I always fancied the longer rifles. Started off with a G3SG1 which should have been upgraded moderately to 1j or so with a few extra parts and came back doing 400+ fps. Got my money back on that and the Maruzen APS96 had just arrived, so obviously went straight ahead and bought one, with a Desert Eagle for backup :ROFLMAO: I had a history of shooting (I learned to shoot in the Army Cadets on a Lee-Enfield, had an air rifle for my 10th birthday) and fieldcraft so I just gravitated towards that style of play. Initially (this is pre-VCR bill) we were limited to 400fps with bolt-actions but that APS96 was not only a laser, it was amazingly quiet at that sort of power. For the longest time I ran an OK Projects inner barrel with stock hop chamber, rubber and nub, with a few upgrades in the cylinder........and a Hawke Scope of a model I can't remember.

After that came the VSR, various DMRs, and a few random other backups until I had a break from playing and sold all my gear. The first rifle I picked up on returning was the eternal VSR, and a TM Mk23 for some things never change!
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