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What scope do YOU run?

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So, you've modified every single part of your weapon, nothing is stock except for an O-ring, you've washed your Maruzen .29's and weighed each bb, your weapon is THE example of consistancy and accuracy... Now you need a scope that can be equally consistent and accurate.

Please post here what scope you use on your chosen weapon. By doing this you will allow future vets get a broader, more in depth idea of what options are available and what can be achieved.

You may include:
Pros and cons
Difficulty/ ease of use
How much YOU paid for it
Where, when or how you aquired your scope
If it is a clone of an original please state
Any other useful info

I'll start with one of my scopes.

MTC Mamba 1.5-6x42

I purchased my mamba with low magnification around 8 months ago originally for my Air Rifle. With its low magnification, I felt it would be perfect for close range vermin hunting.
The scope is black in color with a low sheen and very very pretty. In the package you get metal flip up covers for the front and rear and a very useful sunshade, which adds more length to the scope, another 3 inches if i remember correctly.

The body tube is 30mm which, in theory, equates to better light transmission. I feel light transmission is very good but not excellent. The reticule was the German 4a type and the centre impact dot can be illuminated. Illumination can be adjusted via a rotation wheel opposite the left/right adjustment knob.
Although there are 11 levels of illumination, anything above 4th brightness creates light over spill inside the scope rendering it useless.

The lens' are coated, color coating is a lime green in low light. Image clarity is excellent, close to many high end scopes, not quite, but close. There is distortion near the outer ring of image, does not hinder performance, but its there.

There is no parallax adjustment, it is fixed to 100 yards. Is there parallax error? Yes, bucket loads of it and it's horrible.

I paid £140(GBP) around 8 months ago, and for the price you get a fair package, unfortunately, due to its phenominal present parallax error, this scope may not be the most accurate scope in its price range.
It does have a very clear image which i enjoy very much but if you need your projectile to had pinpoint accuracy you may want to give this one a miss (hehe). It could leave you wondering why your setup suffers in accuracy (it did to me), but after switching to my trusty 3-9 HD Hawke for re-testing i realised to my horror that it was in fact the mamba giving me troubles, after swtiching over to my testing scope the Hawke HD i was able to place a .22 pellet on top of a pellet at 38 feet, and topping off to an 8mm grouping.

I will however recommend this scope for those of you wishing to scope cam as the cam is fixed in position and will offer consistant reticule placement eleviating parallax error.

So, what YOU looking through?
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There has been a thread like this already but what the hell, I'm using a Swiss Arms 4x32 fixed zoom scope. It has a clear sight picture but the lack of mil-dots can be a bit of a problem. I paid €30 for it at a local airsoft store. I think its the best scope for my needs.
Leapers 3-9x50, pretty good scope. I'm think I picked it up for about $55-$65.
NC-star 4x32 optical zoom. I picked it up for around $45, its not the best sight but this is airsoft and it does the job I needed it to.
Leaper 3-9x50
Mil-dot reticle
Illuminating (Red and Green)

Great scope, I love it and will probably get it again!
Tasco 6-24x50 RG illuminated scope :)
I think they're discontinued though :/
May as well add another favourite of mine...

Hawke Sidewinder 3-12x50 IR

30mm tube
Good clarity
Fogged, purged, water tight
Reset-able turret indicators
Illuminated ret
Adjustable parallax wheel, 10 yards to infinity... AND BEYOND!!!!!
No noticable parallax to me even at 5 metre test
choice of reticules

Turrets may be too high for some
Price tag may turn people away

One of my best purchases ever

Oh what the heck, i'll stick my banged and beat up testing scope in here too...

Hawke Sport HD 3-9x40 (non AO version)

Cheap at £40
Light and compact
Image clarity is good for the price
Comes with bungee lens protectors
Minimal parallax, although non adjustable
Windage & elevation adjustments are clear and crisp "click"
Holds zero firmly even under mild recoil
Nitrogen purged

To adjust windage and elevation you must remove the cap covers which takes what seems like a million turns.
Eye relief must be spot on for correct imaging (the margin for too far and too close is very small together.
Magnification adjustment is incredibly stiff, this thing will give your forearms a workout.

A very very accurate scope at a very good price.
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Bushnell Trophy 3X9
Millet DMS-1- Bet $ I ever spent in an optic.
PO 6X36-1 for my SVD (and the same for my SAIGA 410)
I LOVE my King arms M3 scope (3.5-10x40), it comes with illuminated, and non illuminated. The M3 comes with the turrets saying 308 Win 168gr which I think is pretty awesome! I never have any problem with the eye relief, the only thing bad about it is the parallax wheel on the left side doesn't seem to do much. BEWARE, the tube is a 30mm, that means you need 30mm scope rings (not 1" like a lot of other scopes), but I like the *ahem* larger tubed scopes.
I scored a Leupold Mark IV LR-T scope. 3.5-10x, greatest scope I have ever used.
I run a CenterPoint 2-7x32 IR scope. Don't be fooled by the claimed 32mm objective because its smaller, probably more like a 24mm. 5" of eye relief, which is perfect because I use it on my AKM-74 DMR and I can see through it perfectly with both eyes open. I paid right around $100 for it, but I have seen identical scopes with different brand names for cheaper.

5" of eye relief
has a 2x setting
IR if you want it
looks cool
claimed to withstand recoil up to a .416 Rigby

probably wouldn't look or fit right on a bolt action long rifle
claimed 32mm objective, but a 32mm sunshade slides right over it

I absolutely love it. Fits beautifully on my AK, works amazing, and even if its a western style optic, it doesn't look gaudy on an AK.
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Matrix 3-12 x 50mm for my SR-25,($60) Ill probably get another one for my Snow Wolf M99 once I get my bolt handle machined to interface with a Gaurder Stainless Steel cylinder, but Ill take my Nightforce 6-32 x 56/ BORS ballistic computer ($4,000) off my AR30 and stick it on the M99 first just for giggles and pictures.
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