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"What the ultimatester 360 no scope rifle I should buy to make kilzs at 500+ m ?"

Hi guys.

I heard I'll have my soul eaten if I don't do a proper presentation post. I'm not against intimacy, but mayyyyybe we're not close enough for you to eat my soul yet. :tup:
So here it comes :

Name : Nicolas

Callsign : Lt. Poutrelle / Medic

Why that callsign ? : Poutrelle means structural beam in french. On my first airsoft day we played in a big CQB with technical tunnels. Said tunnels are full of pipes and beams going through. On the last game of the day we were playing pistols only so I leaved my PC in the car. The problem is: My flashlight was in my plate carier...
So a friend and I went to move through the tunnels to get in our ennemy's back. Since we had only one flashlight he light the way for me, showing every low beam and pipe. Except for one he though was high enough. But he's short, and I'm tall... I guess you know what happened. I earned a nickname... and a headache.
The Medic callsign is simply because I used to play as my team's medic so I have a medic patch on my vest and people who dosen't know me calls me like that.

Experience : About a year and a half of playing nowadays. Also my dad taught me a few tricks from the army.

Your arsenal : I have way too much replicas for a full list here so I'll only state my current set-up :
  • A J-G bar10 G-spec with the followings :
  1. PDI 6.05x303mm barrel and PDI W bucking
  2. foam filled silencer for soundproofing
  3. JJ-Airsoft 4*32 ACOG scope with flashkiller
  4. Alcoholic threads repair (a funny story I'll probably tell you someday)
  5. A few tips and tricks to tune everything right
  • A KWA MP9 with :
  1. CQB bolt
  2. JJ-Airsoft micro T1 red-dot
  3. A chinese Inforce lamp copy
  • A brand new Bell 1911 stock (for now) that replace my dying KWC PT-99
  • Two Nova 48 grenades
  • A Kyou training knife
Pic definitively related:

Your camo : What the hell is a camo ? More seriously, I started playing with a team playing as contractors. So my first set-up was my dad's french army jacket with a pair of jeans (jeans was the common base of our contractor style team). I switched the jeans for the battle trouser on the pic when this team stopped playing as often as me. Depending on the weather I switch the jacket for a french army whool sweater or a T-shirt. Both the jacket and the sweater are OD green so I can conceal and be unoticed pretty easily in the sandy-ground forest we have around here. When I really need to hide I bring a black and green shemag to hide under and break the body shape. I don't really need full ghillie suit camo in my gameplay.

Your Gameplay ? Depending on the scenario I play either as a scout, a team support marksman, or a "pain in the ass for the other team". I am not technically a proper sniper. :shrug:
Anyway, the motto is : light, fast and discreet. When I am not supporting a team as a marksman, the idea is to always be on an unexpected spot to either proceed to guerilla attacks or gather intel for the commander.

Your Hobby : Motorcycling, gaming, watching movies and hanging out with friends. Mostly.

Where do you reside? : In France. For now in Normandy but I'll probably be moving in two months. Also I'm french so typos... typos EVERYWHERE !

That's for the most of it. I hope I diden't scare you off with the thread title. :shot:

I borrowed the presentation form to one of you and add a few thing. I hope he won't mind.

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Isn't it hard to hit your target at 500m without a scope?
That's what the 360 is for. The spinning force from the 360 causes the BB to be gravitationally distorted, this means it gets attracted to other gravity fields more which help the BB lock on the shooters target like an auto aim. Takes a lot of skill to do though, I have yet to master it myself even.

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Wow, this is a very powerful rifle, it would be great to go hunting with this. My father has been into hunting for over 10 years, and he would love this wine. I've been hunting several times, and it isn't easy. Recently my father lost his flashlight, and hunting without it isn't easy. Therefore, I decided to please him and found a similarly led flashlight on Amazon and decided to order it for him. Dad really liked it. Now I want to give him a new rifle, and I liked the one you wrote about.

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That's what the 360 is for. The spinning force from the 360 causes the BB to be gravitationally distorted, this means it gets attracted to other gravity fields more which help the BB lock on the shooters target like an auto aim.
Wow. This is, shall we say, "interesting" enough, apparently some airsofters do some sci-fi writing on the side. But......500meters? With an airsoft rifle?. I KNOW a human could not even SEE a BB at 500 meters, and BARELY see a human-size target, so how would you ever know you made a hit? lol And to reach 500 meters with an airsoft rifle seems a bit beyond the limits. Sorry, but let's just say I choose to believe this is just a wind-up. Cheers!
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