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What to expect?

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Hi! I've now ordered some parts for my new vsr-10, and I am so damn excited about how it will work after I've uppgraded it. Maybe you guys could give me a clue about what i could expect in performance?

It goes like this:

PolarStar Airsoft VSR-10 Light Weight 45
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I'd expect about 550 fps, with a quite heavy trigger pull, depending on what your used to.

With a good clean of the barrel and a stock TM hop rubber and arm I guess about 12" groups at 70 metres with the occasional flier.

None of this is conclusive though, as it really depends on how well you nail it together and then set it up ;)
Do you think there is something i should add later on? 550 fps is with the .20's , and not the .40's right? Would be strange if it was 550 with .40
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Yeah, Vindi was talking about the 550 fps with .2s. Shooting 550 with .4s would definitely be too hot for any field use.

But its smart to use some heavier bbs. The madbull .4s and tightbore barrel will really help with accuracy. Personally though (just my opinion), I would have gotten a less powerful spring, that way trigger pull would be quick and easy and I would not have to think about it. But I am sure you will get used to it ;)

"Do you think there is something i should add later on?"
A new hop up would be something to look into. Also, some new cylinder parts such as the cylinder head, cylinder, and spring guide. However, you having a high quality rifle, those areas will hold up much better than lets say a clone ;) But if need be, those would be the internal parts I would look into in the future.

Hope this helps and good luck with the rifle. I also get so excited when I order some new upgrade parts for my rifles :)

And let me know how those custom sears work out. That is an absolute great idea. I might get one of my handy friends who has all the tools make a piston sear for me.
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Thanks for the feedback guys
I can't wait for the parts to arrive! Do you think a hard trigger pull would be a big issue? Whats the downside to it?
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I never have had experience with a heavy spring upgrade but my friend had a rifle that had one hell of a difficult trigger pull. It was a pain to shoot, and when he had a guy in sights, he couldn't always get the shot off in time.

However, there is good news! :)
My trigger pull with my mk96 was not hard but not easy before I upgraded it. I did not have the money for a zero trigger so I put in a pdi trigger sear. The trigger pull is now so much easier. Since you are getting custom sears made, that will help compensate for the heavier spring, making pulling the trigger not as difficult. Also, if you find even with the sears that trigger pull is to hard, all you have to do is downgrade the spring alittle. Springs are cheap and easy to find.

Overall, do not worry about it. Try it out, see what happens, and if you can deal with it great, if not buy a less powerful spring. Good luck, and do not worry, the hardest part is waiting!!! ;)
A heavy trigger can throw off your shot if you're not used to it. I experienced this while using a V-Trigger w/ PDI 300% spring in my VSR. I've since swapped to a PDI 200 spring, and it's much better, bolt pull is also easier.

One other thing I'd recommend for your rifle is a 90 degree piston and trigger/sear system. I'm sure that will also help with the trigger pull, and the sears and piston will last longer, since they won't be eating away at each other.
yeah, I'm having a hard time waiting right now XD I've got a pair of strong grasps so I don't actually think pulling the trigger will be that much of an issue
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I hope everything turns out alright, but I would expect it would just be a hassle after a while. If you ever need to get a quick shot off before you are seen, that difficult trigger pull could put an end to all your fun.

Let me know how it works out, I am curious to see if it is a big issue.

Good luck.
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2Echo said:
I've got a pair of strong grasps so I don't actually think pulling the trigger will be that much of an issue
You'd be suprised, my 500 fps CA M24 had a 90 degree trigger (similar to a zero-trig) and that used to give me cramp through the palm of my hand, and I passed the fire brigade grip test by over 300% because of my job swinging a hammer around all day :-/

The VSR on the other hand still has a 45 degree trigger and at 500 fps its still reasonably easy to pull without pulling the shot off kilter

Best bet is wait and see, like the lads said if its to heavy, knock a couple of coils off, you wont realy notice the loss of 50 or so fps, as 500 is fine for what we do even with a .4, as thats what most of the lads over here are using in their rifles at that power ;)
Yeah, I'll let you guys know when it gets here. I've been swinging a hammer for two years now ;)
From what I've experienced, trigger pull isn't about strength in your hand. It's about how smooth and easy you can squeeze the trigger back, for the best possible shot placement. If you have a 15lb trigger, that's not going to happen.
Get those custom sears cut without the bearings and then try and get some abec 7-8 bearings for those sears. abec 9 is too delicate for a gun. Also dry pull the trigger about 200 times to get all the parts in sync cause my best pal had a draw weight that was enormous just because there was a half a mm snag in the sears.
Sorry, but i fell out a little bit there... Where are those bearings going to be placed??
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