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What types of woodland Concealment?

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What are some cheap/homemade gillies? How important are gillies? ( I don't intend on going out in blazing red polos)
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Webtex concealment vest if you don't mind putting in natural vegetation.

It depends how you play. If you want to sneak up on enemies then a ghillie suit is pretty important.
Would this work? Rubberbanding vegetation on a coat? We would be playing in a pasture most of the time so I think that could put alot of that on and just hide in the weeds/tall grass.
Yeah I've seen people do that, it works fine. You can move about easily with it too.
Rubberbands are your friends when you're the ghost type.
Rubber bands tend to rip easy and wear down quick. Look into hair ties. Much stronger and will not wear down on ya.
What I do is get some hair ties like fuzzy said (black, stretchy ones), tie a knot in the middle, then hot glue the knot all over BDUs. This makes two small veg loops per hair tie and these are dirt cheap. I use them on my ghillie to fill in the bare spots that don't have any jute; this works really well.
Thanks, thats pretty helpful
I will third the hair ties, try to avoid the pink glittery ones. Ghillie suits actually perform better than straight veg as sometimes the real veg will give you away. It is better to be more subtle and sparing with the veg so that you breakup your shap and outline. Unless you want to be a giant fern bush and only stay in the ferns
Awwww.... I wanted to sparkle lol
You can get like 200 for 2 euro on ebay. I use them too, but they are hard to find withouht the little silver bits.
I think my sister has some without the sparkles
Bush patches are an expedient way to create, in my opinion, a stronger type of hair band or tie, as they are specifically meant for adding natural veg to any clothing, they iron on. I would also watch the art of camouflage on youtube old but very good they show easy(lol as if) ways to create a number of camouflage systems. You can buy bush patches on for 2.23 american for 10 of them and for full body, in the video he says you would need about 30.
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