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What would be a reasonable offer?

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What would be a reasonable offer for the following upgraded Bar 10? The seller has listed no price, but "will accept reasonable offers." Obviously I want the best deal I can get, but don't want to low-ball the guy. Thoughts?

its a JG Bar10 ($100) With

EDGI 6.01 barrel ($70)

M170 spring ($35)

Custom bolt handle that makes pulling the spring really easy

a zero trigger with a red piston($180)

EDGI barrel spacers ($20)

3 BB guide rod ($35)

9 ball bucking ($10)

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a good estimate is total that up and take off a percentage.

just an example... lets say it totals $200
50% off ($100) would be lowBalling
40% off ($120) might not be low balling if this is a truly used and abused weapon

Get the Idea?
How well has this weapon been maintained? If it has been maintained Well...
you are probably wont get much better than 20% off cost
so the one you are looking at totals $450

make an offer between $380 & $400 and expect to haggle.

Sorry... corrected for bad math.
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OK from just looking at the pictures this is what I see and question... and a screen shot to help illustrate what I'm talking about.

1. It seems to me from the look of the cylinder that this weapon has seen a lot of use depicted by the scratches.. but I could be wrong as that could be a design aspect (cosmetic).

2. Is it missing the safety lever?

3. I can see how the bolt handle could be very nice to rack the rifle. but I think it may be too big and get in the way more often than you may like. It really depends on how comfortable you feel during the trigger pull. As that is a far more important aspect to mastery of shooting accuracy than how easy it is to rack. A bad trigger pull can make you miss the shot.

Now I'm not the ultimate expert... but that is what jumps out at me.

Hope that helps
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