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what would be better

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Well mb02 (AKA Well VSR-10) or Well mb03...
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The barrel length seems to be the only distinct difference. Would you rather have a slightly more maneuverable gun, or one that has a tiny bit higher FPS, barrel length, and should be a tad more accurate? There shouldn't be that much difference between the two.
One is g-spec and the other is the pro. Don't get a Well product. They are not high quality. Get a different clone of the vsr if you want one.
Yea im having to replace all my WELL parts out of my.... well of course WELL VSR 10

whats happened with the cylinder is where the bolt handle screws onto actually came off....
ummm yea just dont make the mistake I did and buy one.

If you are going to buy a clone buy a JG
I have a well mb-10 I got from when I first found out about airsoft sniper rifles. When I got my bar10 I transfered the bottom rail to my bar10, the screws on the top rail (my bar10 came without top rail screws), and stuck the iron sights fro, my bar10 on the mb10.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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