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Weapon- JG Bar 10(upgraded), painted in a woodland scheme with Harris Bipod and Leupold Mk4 Replica, .38g bbs,

Gear- Mulicam Uniform (with boonie), Woodland Ghillie (perfectly worn), Ranger Green TT 2piece MAV, Camelbak Motherload Backpack (Multicam), Tan USGI Desert Combat Boots

Included in Back Pack- 4 MREs, 6 Pairs of Socks, Facepaint, Winterfresh Gum, Sunflower Seeds, First Aid Kit, USGI Hammock, GPS, Shortwave Radio.

Theres probably more that can be needed but this is basiccally what I would take.

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I play in a team so I tend to swap my role. I'm not going to explain a wish list, this is my gear I have used. Sry, I guess I'm not that fun. But if you are asking to get ideas you might want to read this.

Weapon- M60, DG AMD-65 (w/ 7 20oz Co2), TM 5.1, KJW M700 (HPA 47ci 3000psi and 90ci 45000PSI)

Gear- MARPAT or OD BDUs, camelbak, RRV w/ pack (includes hydro) or med. ALICE w/ frame

RRV w/ pack: AK molle pouches, maps & obj., 36-bit screw driver set, fig bars, t-tape, 1-2 20oz CO2, up to 5k BBs, speed loader, radio, cigarettes, water

ALICE: 1-2 MREs, maps & obj., fig bars, gator-aid mix, socks, cigarettes, machete, folding shovel, TP, radio, GG, para-cord, duck-tape, tarp (if its raining), 36-bit screw driver set, extra batteries, up to 10k BBs, 5-hour energy, water, water, water (didn't run a remote line with this one)

Camelbak & pistol belt: 10k BBs, 20oz Co2, radio, cigarettes, water

Ghillie: (need to make one but...) Camelbak, HPA, 1000BBs, speedloader, radio, cigarettes, water
If I needed to I would take my ALICE w/o frame and put a yetti on it.

If I'm not running a remote line I'll use my ALICE for extended play OPs. I have played a 16 continuous hour OP. If you are just talking about your standard 2-3 day op with breaks then its much easier. You can leave all that gear in the car. Take what you need and some of what you might. If Its just blistering outside, go light. I have been to an OP with over 10% heat casualties. The first day we had 52 but we only played for 6-8 hours.

When I carried all that crap I dropped it as soon as we got in an encounter. This is much harder to do with a remote line but I'm working on that. Trying to fight with a full ALICE is nuts. I'm glad we are just shooting BBs. I have had my load-out up to 60LBS before and its not something I like doing.

If you are going to be eating MREs all weekend do yourself a favor and eat some normal food or fig bars. Figs help you stay normal. And if you are going to get jacked on energy make sure you drink plenty of water (pee clear every 1-1.5 hours) and don't drive home. During the 16 hour OP I laid prone w/ my 60 in a nest from 11pm to 5am. I didn't sleep and I played until we left the following afternoon at 5-6pm. The car behind me could see my head bobbing.

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LOL .... oh come on now you don't need to eat anything to be regular when you eat an MRE

I would say just take what you want and take what you need.

Like mateba said .... if you have time to get back to your car you can travel light. But for a longer game just take the needed.

But for a load out on a long op... My running pack, with built in hydration system. A few extra pouches for my ghillie. Two MRE's broken down for just the needed stuffies, or good stuff. Extra ammo, water, small first aid pack, radio, extra batteries, some gum.

And then there is the weapon....
My CA M14 Ebr with spare mags, and battery
The soon TM L96 covert with spare mag( if I make up my mind)
KJ M9 elite pistol with spare mag
And possibly the triple shot shotty, with shells

The M14 carry into a hot spot, with the M9 on my leg while wearing the ghillie pants. Back pack on with the shotty on one side and L96 covert on the other.

Just run with as little as you can during your "home" games and see what you need. When you see you need more add a little at a time. And slowly work what you need down to the minimum you will need to get by.
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