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Whats it all mean? (Radios)

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Can anyone explain what all of this stuff i'm looking at for radios means? i mean stuff like PTT and VOX along with all the other stuff that's just gibberish to me. haha

:lame: I know :/
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PTT means Push-to-talk or Press To Talk
VOX means
Voice Operated eXchange and it a voice activated switch, you don't have to press the press button to speak.

sweet thanks! :)
what do you reccomend? PTT or VOX?
Don't know... I used to own a PTT but it's hard to use it when you're prone..
With VOX everyone hear what you say... Including thing you don't want them to hear!

Hmm good point very.... give and take I guess..... well thanks for the info!
Most radios come with a vox option as standard. Then A PTT (Button) is either bought as a seperate unit or as part of a headset. So You can have both and simply choose.
I just bought a pair of midland radios and a bravo style headset with the PTT. I haven't had the opportunity to try them yet though.
I prefer people using PTT. Otherwise you end up with a lot of guys breathing heavily over the radio. Open mics are a problem too when you really need to get pertinent information out.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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