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I think you, the OP, is getting things a bit mixed up in terms of the general opinion towards upgraded rifles on the forum. I think most of us here will say that tactics are more important. But having a high quality rifle is something to look into. When we get questions on the board of which rifle to buy, we consider all different things that go into the equation. We look ahead into how to make the rifle perform at its best. We say that if you are going to upgrade, buy the high quality parts and you will never look back. People CONSTANTLY ask "which rifle can I buy that shoots 300 feet out of the box and is cheap". We simply reply one does not exist, and that A LOT of money has to go into it.

Rather than take that as we all thinking that upgraded rifles are the only way to go, think more so of trying to help young and new users understand the limits of a stock rifle, or one that has little work into it/upgrades.

Not sure if that is what you meant, but thought I might as well share it.

As for me, I ran a stock UTG l96 for my first solid year of airsoft sniping. Loved the rifle, didn't do a thing to it, and was pin point up to around 125-150 feet. I wasn't picking people off with the long shot, and more than anything, taught me to get close enough to target without being seen, otherwise sheer firepower would over run me.

Heck, I even ran without a sidearm for quite some time too, due to financial limitations. Taught me to pick off targets quietly, without being seen, otherwise opponents would just run at me and over run my position. Not like my bolt action rifle is any good in CQB, right?

So I say that using a stock rifle, one that has limitations is not at all bad. It does teach you some things, and while it was difficult, I still was rather effective on the field. More so, now that I have an upgraded rifle, one that performs three times as good (at least), I can do the things I could not before in terms of long distance shooting, while at the same time, harnessing the skills to be effective in a short range/distance, just like back in the old days.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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