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What's the most upgradable gbb pistol out there?

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Hey, I've been looking for a upgradable sidearm for a while, but i cant get any solid opinions... Any ideas on a good upgradeable sidearm?
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go to Alpha Airsoft
as far as i know they carry the most upgrade parts in one location for the hi capa.
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rlly? Most upgradeable (as "the one with most upgrades available") is definitely the G17...

Every little piece has upgrades available on that platform, so much so that you can build the gun from upgrades parts only if you want to. And end up with a true beast of a gun.
no way Dimitri. click that link i posted and look at all the Hi-capa parts compared to glock parts. And they only carry from a few companies out of the dozens making aftermarket parts. you can build a dozen hi-capas from scratch and never use the same part twice.
no way its 2 to 3 times. Just about every site i've seen that caries good upgrades has way more hi-capa parts than any other model. id like to see a link or two to your claim
To be fair here, the reason why most US based players think there aren't as many G series options out there is probably due to how much G-company restricts sales of their "property". While hicapas and their clones can be found in almost every US based retailer. So in effect, since there's a perceived lack of G-gun(s) out there, most people in the states probably don't spend as much time looking around for their upgrade parts.
That does not apply to me because there isn't any us based retailers that sell good upgrade parts. All the sites i visit are from china.
A couple of other things to take into account when choosing a pistol is how you will mount it.
I like quick detach holsters like the Serpa holster. I don't think you can get a Serpa holster for a Hi Cappa. So the Glock has the quicker draw.
The other thing to take into account is the weight. The glock is one of the lightest pistols where the Hi Cappa (depending on the length you get) can be one of the heaviest.
there are serpas that work with slight modifications. i choose the hi capa over other guns for the BB and gas capacity.
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