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What's the Point of a GBB?

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Really, what are the advantages? Of course, yeah, it looks cool and the authenticity is nice to a degree, but at that point the practical differences end. Buying a pistol with blowback seems like a good way to pay more for something that you really don't need to pay much money for. Are there any correlations between gas blowback and performance? Do the mechanics just have this tendency to be really high quality? Or is it just coolness and vanity that people are looking for when they get one?
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I find no matter how much ammo I have, I always end up not using much and just trying to hit accurately on semi-auto. I just can't send a wall of bullets at my enemy and hope to hit. One of the many reasons why I started sniping.

I prefer GBB rather than NBB because of the realism. Like Revenant said, some go for the mil-sim, others go for the cinematic. I go for the mil-sim. While GBB does consume more gas it adds to the mil-sim experience with recoil.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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