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What's the Point of a GBB?

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Really, what are the advantages? Of course, yeah, it looks cool and the authenticity is nice to a degree, but at that point the practical differences end. Buying a pistol with blowback seems like a good way to pay more for something that you really don't need to pay much money for. Are there any correlations between gas blowback and performance? Do the mechanics just have this tendency to be really high quality? Or is it just coolness and vanity that people are looking for when they get one?
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If you're into milsim type scenarios rather than "cinematic" (think Hong Kong, Hollywood style battles with thousands of rounds being fired without reloading, etc), then GBBs offer the "feel" that electric guns do not- the blowback/slide action/recoil, more realistic capacity, etc. - even though usually still far less than the real deal, is way closer to that experience.

Heck, I guess that's why low cap mags exist, and some people love things like Operation EastWind.

I know that I totally change my style of play depending on my ammo count, especially in a generic rifleman role...
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