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What's up Guys!

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Hi Guys, I figured I'd stop in over here and hang around as I've changed my focus in Airsoft. Some of you may recognize me as Trust over on MiA. With my new "role" I've changed my name to something more suitable as I've outgrown my old moniker. I generally prefer anonymity. Anyways:

Name (First name, last name is optional): Brandon

Callsign: Deacon

Experience (How long have you been playing airsoft? any military experience? What training do you have?): I've been playing Airsoft since 2003 and have attended pretty much all of Michigan's events since then. I have no Military experience but am an avid real steel range shooter and avid hunter. While not Militarily trained I consider my accuracy among the best.

You're arsenal (What are you shootin'?): WE G-18C Gen.4, Javelin M24 Heavily Upgraded (PDI)

Your camo (Did you make your ghillie suit? buy it? Are you an urban sniper): Urban. I generally run standard Marpat or Desert Marpat when I'm not running contractor. I see no point in Ghillie suits in Airsoft as most "Recon" teams are 2 man units.

What are your other hobbies?: Roller Hockey, Biking, Hiking, Hunting.

Where do you reside? (No exact address, simply saying the state and/or country will suffice): Michigan!

Let the good times begin! :cheers:
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Hows it going buddy, glad ya came over to the sniper side man.. Yeah I remember you from MIA lol.. I do in a way agree about ghillies, most of the time they just get in the way,and get snagged on EVERY thing I walk by, gets pretty annoying! Show us some pics of your rifle etc bro... Everyone loves gun porn! :tup:
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