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Hey everybody, my name is Jeff and I'm from seattle.

I once had an absolute beauty of a custom TM vsr-10. The only original parts left were the hop up chamber and the stock. Built it myself of course. Had it shooting 620-630fps with .25's and accurate up 100 yards or better. But, things went down hill at the field I played on and I no longer had a use for a sniper rifle. It was very sad having to let her go, but meh... Life goes on.

Now I play indoor CQB which is a lot of fun. My current loadout is a VFC baby m4 with a crane stock, 11.1v lipo and an a/b mosfet. Ish is wicked.. My sidearm is a simple WE1911 bone stock. Love it.

I guess I'm here because I'm an enthusiast. I may not be a sniper now, but there was once a time when I was feared on the field for being painfully accurate (pun intended) and leaving dents in face masks. So wouldn't that make me a veteran? Anywho.. Good times, you guys seem like a cool bunch of people! Thanks for having me.

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Welcome to the forum!

I feel like I am in the situation opposite of you seeing as all I want is to play at a CQB field, all day everyday. Instead, only thing we got around here is woodland play, so I envy you and your CQB facilities! ;)
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