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What's your set up?

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Gearwise, what do you take with you when you are in the field, whether as a sniper or DM? I just can't get my self to take tons and tons of stuff with me to the field. Since I haven't got my gun yet (should be ordering today), I was thinking BDU's, Ghillie, Rifle rag, and cheek rest/mag holder. I'll then fill my pockets with sidearm, speedloader, and some other stuff, like a pocket knife, and radio.

EDIT: Also, binocs, and a little screwdriver kit.
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Essential : Spare mags, pouches for said mags, sidearm + holster, belt for all of these and a radio if required. And also a camelback if it is hot. For a DMR loadout though I'd use a light molle vest. Then apparel wise - Goggles - obviously, balaclava etc., camo BDU's or ghillie, boots (Hiking boots or even wellies),gloves (Not essential) and maybe a boonie hat. Easy loadouts. Never bring out too much gear as your back will regret it. :)
I recently rebuilt my DM load out (M14 AEG) to be minimal. I didn't want anything I wouldn't use to come with me. I used it at an Op last weekend and I loved it.

- Hydration carrier with 3L Camelbak bladder. For me an absolute must have.
- Admin pouch with utility kit inside, and foamed suppressor for 1911.
- Utility kit: scissors, folding knife, band aids, tape, sharpies, screw drivers, flash light, etc.
- 6x 7.62 open top pouches.
- 2x double pistol mag pouches to hold 8 single stack 1911 mags.
- Medium utility pouch for batteries, snacks, and extra socks.
- 1x M4 single pouch for large M4 mag sized speed loader.
- HHR pouch with radio and throat mic.
- Drop leg 1911 serpa holster.
- Tan Propper tactical trousers.
- Black BDU jacket in the cold, black team shirt in the heat.
- Shemag depending on weather.
- Black balaclava, tan hat, tan gloves.
- Mesh face mask because I had a tooth shot out before.
- ESS NVG goggles.

The Op lasted about 8 hours and I used everything at least once, and never needed anything I didn't have.
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I am very minimalist...

-44 rounds ammunition total for BASR
-1 extra mag
-100 rounds ammunition total for sidearm
-Ghillie - includes balaclava, boonie, etc.
-Canteen/camelback - camelbacks can get uncomfortable, and if I'll be in a hide for a while, I'll take a canteen
-Radio+throat mic
-rubber bands for veg
-knife, for cutting veg

That'll usually last me for the ops up here in AK, the long ones that I've been to are about 6-8 hours.
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1. Knife to cut veg
2. Single pistol pouch (holds m9 mag)
3. Double grendade pouch: Great for holding MK96 mags x2)
4. Single m4 Pouch (great for holding radio)--single pistol pouch on front holds my dental floss-for adding veg)
5. Double pistol pouch (holds m9 mags x2)
6. Pistol Holster + pistol lanyard--holds m9 and sometimes my rubber knife--slot on side)

Other Gear:
1. ESS Goggles + soon to be G&G turbo fan
2. Balaclava/Foam padding
3. Hydration carrier

Other gear:
1. Ghillie boonie/Ghillie Jacket/Ghillie pants (when not wearing ghillie, just camo pants/tan t-shirt--for those really hot days)
2. Boots

1. 5x m9 mags
2. 4x MK96 mags
3. Knife (rubber)
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I love to see what your gear looks like in pictures, so why not post some myself?

1. Knife
2. 2x pistol pouch for 1 spare VSR mag and a speed loader
3. m4 pouch for a Cobra radio
4. 2x Utility pouches for
5. Cheek rest pouch for 2x VSR-10 mags
6. X-800 Boll
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Alright, To clarify, this isn't already owned by me, this is just what I am planning to buy:

Rifle: Kokusai Crimebuster tuned by Booster [$1650, $1800 with Angs airshaft]
Sidearm: KWA MP9R [$215] [2 mags $83]

Main vest base: Grand River Tactical Sniper Vest Gen. 3 Multicam: [$205]

Rifle Mag Pouch: OC tactical VN mag pouch [$26]

MP9 Mag pouch: USGG HK Sub Gun Modular Double Mag Pouch [$33.95]

HPA tank: Ninja 90ci 4500 PSI carbon fiber tank [$178]

HPA rig: Austinwolv dual reg setup [$200]

Tank pouch: CountyComm Hydrant [$22]

Mini-reg pouch: DBT Frag pouch [$16]

$2629 total.... Not including a scope or goggles or any of that...
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Fuzzy please do a search before posting the same thing

Lol fuzzy fail, Im not being mean just teasing ya.

Or are we doing the $1000 gun and set up again ::) I can find that one too.
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A $1K rifle thread.... hmm ... that would be just about every rifle that I have owned
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hidden187 said:
Holy heck!

I'll merge the posts together. Totally forgot about that thread, and I even posted in it!

Consider this thread revived.
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As far as gear goes I currently run a belt setup consisting of:

rubber knife ( I just tuck it in the belt, it's a rather large knife).
A sidearm that I carry in an m249 ammo pouch.
a couple of pistol mag pouches (for my extra pistol mag as well as VSR mags and speedloaders).
Camel back when it's hot out

For clothing I wear:

Bdu's, either woodland or tri color desert (depending on the season).
a boonie hat, or baseball cap (in tan).
condor recon rap.
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I usually run with:

Eotech chest rig(I flip it to my back though)
Black hawk Serpa Holster
Snow Gear boots
Tasco binos
Tyscon radio
Hydro pack
and either .28's or .30's

I travel as light as I can being that airsoft usually is a fast paced game. It works pretty well for where I play.
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My latest.....

BDU pants
Combat boots
Under Armor shirt
Boonie or a ball cap
Oakley sun glasses
TM L96, short barrel
Single point sling attached to rear of rifle
2 - 40 round mags
Camel back
K-bar inside
granola bars
other goodies
Radio usually attached to the strap
Throat mic <---currently broken at the moment :(
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How do those Oakley shades hold up getting shot at? Any scratches?
Woogie, no sidearm!?

And after reading my last post about my set up, much has changed.

My latest latest:

-TM VSR 10
---4 mags
---Rifle wrap
---3x9x40 Leapers Scope

-TM MEU 1911
---2 mags (working on a third)

-Battle belt
---Double m4 pouch
---Double pistol pouch
---Single pistol pouch
---m4 pouch/pistol pouch

-Ghillie Jacket
-Ghillie boonie
-Woodland pants

---Speed loader (to load inbetween games while staying on field)
---Dental floss
---Water bottle or hydration pack
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Hey Sonofliberty, How is that TSD SD98? What range are you getting with .30's.
furrycowthingy said:
Hey Sonofliberty, How is that TSD SD98? What range are you getting with .30's.
It is a great gun. I held it in a competition with my friends Mb06. Using .28's. Our accuracy was about equal up to 150 feet. Then when we passed that mark his were flying up, down and all around. Mine were traveling down the same line nearly every time.

I can get shots out to about 250 if I'm lucky, but 200 is my comfort zone.
I ordered one. Got tan. I am happy with the decision. But my previous ASR crapped out on me at about 700 shots. Hope that won't happen again.
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