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Where might I reliably purchase a PSO or POSP optic?

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Seeing as I have a Dragunov, I thought I might as well get a correct optic for it, meaning either a POSP or PSO optic. Kalinka has them for 200+ USD, and the AMP knockoff is out of the question (I already got one and sent it right back: it's the crappiest thing I've ever bought). I wouldn't necessarily mind spending the dough for a legit PSO or POSP from kalinka, but I thought I'd see if anyone on this forum knows where I could acquire such an optic for less. I already Googled it, but some of the suppliers seem suspect at best, so that's why I'm posting here.

That being said, where could I get a PSO or POSP for under 230?

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You're probably not going to get a real one under that. There are several sites that have POSP optics, but the prices only vary $20 at the most.
I just used an old Romanian PSL scope for mine. Here's where I got it:,-4x-p-1163.html

Some don't like the look, but I liked it. The lens also has a yellowish tint to it, but I didn't mind and my A&K SVD rail needed filed a little for the scope to fit.
Perfect... Not a true PSO, but twice as merciful to my wallet.
And way better looking than a normal scope with an AK47 rail that makes the scope sit way too high.

The only thing that bothered me a little bit was the yellowish tint with the tan MadBull 0.40g's. Sometimes it would be hard to see the shot, but most of the time it wasn't too bad. You also get a sweet canvas case and a lense cover with it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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