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Which company?

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Not voting for good reasons.

1. KWA is s**t; not worth money to anyone who is experienced in airsoft. Read a little on airsoft-mechanics to know why(basically: it is nightmare to upgrade in comparison to G&P/VFC/JG; have mediocre externals; does not have good enough internals, JG enhanced version beats it in just about every way...etc.)

2. VFC is good choice but so is G&P. VFC has a little more bells and whistles in form of working bolt catch. I would gut both(except maybe gearbox) when building DMR. You can drop in entire set of stock JG internals(with neo magnet motor) if you want; it can pull anything field-legal at decent rate of fire with stock 18:1 ratio gears.

3. I rather just get a RealSword SVD, put in prometheus barrel + r-hop + m-nub + neo magnet can and call it a day. And that is exactly what I did. :D

To build a decent DMR; you need to mess with gearbox; at least shim(starting from bevel) and correct AOE, make sure airseal is perfect, radius front of cylinder window...etc. All of that will have to happen or that so-called DMR is not going to perform any better than regular everyday poorly-upgraded aeg.

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I wouldn't drop stock jg internals into a vfc or g&p. I'm not saying go buy $80 gears or anything like that, but I prefer shs to JG and they cost only slightly more if not the same . JG neo motors are also slow as poop unless you are using a high voltage battery (not many people are willing to use 11.1/14.8 lipos). Not only that they're a pain to find in stock.

KWA also is a gun which is geared toward people who don't upgrade. They shoot at field limits out of the box and the cqr shoots at cqb limits out of the box and is geared towards being budgeted.
^That being said they can be upgraded. I don't necessarily prefer the AIM brand but the gears do fit the 2gx gearbox along with the full rack piston. They'll put out at least 450 reliably if not more.

The RS svd is good... If you have the $590 + money for a posp style scope.
JG full gearbox is for people who do not want to upgrade(one package with most parts being useful/compatible). I suggest it if someone really have no idea what works; JG works.
JG neo magnet motor is easy to find on ASM for about $20.
They are great because they are actual high torque motors(20+tpa) instead of wannabe-magnums(~16tpa). I run with 32tpa Dboys armature in neo magnet can, by the way. All you need is lower ratio gears. Point of going with ubertorque is obvious: I do not want motor to become hand-warmer any time soon. *cough*SHS*cough*

Also, you better be running giant 11.1v lipo brick if using some sort of Ar15/M14-based airsoft DMR; for trigger response as well as capacity.

KWA is not for people who do not want to upgrade; they have horrible self-shimming and wrong AOE last time I had "pleasure" to work on a broken KWA(bevel gear got eaten up by Matrix "magnum" motor).
KWA is for people who wants to desperately believe they do not need upgrade(in reality, they obviously do).
AIM is one of worst brand of "upgrade" parts ever? I have hard time deciding which brand of piston is worse: kwa or aim(metal rack with poor support = cave in and die).

Actually, RealSword SVD without upgrade is pretty bad internally; trigger response is slow even with good 11.1v stick(only thing that fits) and accuracy is not all that awesome. If it was so good then I would not be upgrading. But externals are well worth it; it can also mount bayonet for some long-range stabbing. Mostly, I wish it had lower ratio gears but obviously that would not work so well with stock motor.

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Let me expand a bit on what I'm looking for, I want to get an AEG for the purpose of upgrading to a DMR. I would prefer something that is super accurate and long range out of the box but that is not usually the case. From my experience (Not that I am all knowing) I have heard a lot of bragging from vfc and kwa, but I am completely open to suggestions.
You already know super accurate and long range (if you are talking about at least over 100m accurate) is not going to happen in out of box AEG.

So, VFC vs. KWA.

KWA is overhyped and only bragged about by people who NEVER open their guns(which means they have zero idea what they are talking about when they say anything about performance/reliability).

VFC is actually decent(not that I would keep any internals). ;)

I already hinted at what you might need for range/accuracy when I mentioned RealSword SVD(prometheus barrel, 6.03mm preferrably since the are steel, R-hop, M-nub or eraser). Only other things you need would be air nozzle that seals perfectly, some pfte tape on cylinder head's o-ring, correct AOE, re-shim(starting with bevel gear for obvious reasons), and get a motor with neodymium magnet(high torque, of course).

Not sure why people have trouble with ARL; I just put a tiny screw driver over it and press that down with a book.
I never said anything on any part of shs's line in particular. So saying I endorsed the shs motor over the jg motor is just putting words into my mouth when in fact I said nothing about it.
I didn't realize anyone cared if their hand is a little warm after a 10 minute engagement.
1. I did not say you endorsed SHS. Actually, you say JG is slow but compared to what? Shs? Anything else with similar neodymium magnet and same tpa will perform similarly; I put in SHS as example.
2. Less warm = less energy wasted = longer battery life...etc. Obvious, right?
I did not put word into your mouth.
ASM isn't a retail website so saying you can find them on there for 20 is a moot point.
No, it is not; except you ignored part that there are people reselling(after buying in bulk) SHS parts, as well as fact that you can find JG blue on sale in probably half of those sales threads.
As for your KWA experience. Every brand has it's lemons. It could also be due to the fact that they were using the matrix magnum motor and the pinion didn't mesh. It could also be because the motor grip they were using had a bad angle. It could ALSO be the fact that the motor adjustment height wasn't properly set.
It could; but then again that shows that matrix magnum motor pinion is stronger than KWA gears(because pinion was okay when I checked).
The fact is that MOST airsoft players do not want to open their guns and upgrade them. If they do a lot of times they can't get it back together.
Not sure how "most airsoft players" matter; because obviously they do not know anything/are too ignorant to learn. Not to mention there are better choices than KWA for something that works well without ever worked on.
I never said AIM was good as a brand.
You suggested that AIM fits into KWA as upgrade part; it is not upgrade if it sucks.
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