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Which Beginner Sniper Rifle To Buy?

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Hey everyone, just look for all of your opinions on this one. When I get the money I plan on purchasing my first sniper rifle soon after. But I swear everytime I see the one I "Know" I want, I find another one and im not sure what to get. I've finally narrowed it down to two sniper rifles and I am now asking your opinion on which is "better." I am young so I dont play on doing any upgrades so I am wondering which of these sniper rifle will give me better results stock. Im open to suggestion on other sniper rifles to, please just no L96 designs. So tell me which one of these two sniper rifles you think has better accuracy,power stock? Thanks

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Personally, I think the Sr-2 isn't visually appealing. But I'd rather go with that because some bar-10s use mixed parts and are a pain to upgrade. The SR-2 uses regular type96 parts.
The SR2 uses a proprietary cylinder as well as trigger mech. I have the SR2 and it shoots pretty well with DIY mods
G-spec hands down.
I would say JG BAR 10.Although the sr2 does shoot pretty good,but I would go with the bar 10.
How "young" are you? I'm just thinking, if you are pretty young then Mb-06 may be a little long and heavy. The G-Spec on the other hand is short (303mm barrel) and has a hollow stock so doesn't weigh much.
Go with the first link; very light and can be made very short if the suppressor is removed. You can also get it close to 500 FPS and decently accurate with simple home mods.
Ya, I am probably going to stick with the JG BAR 10. It seems more lightweight because of the hollow stock and isn't very long, I am going to keep the mock silencer on though. Also it seems like it could be upgraded very easily, which I might upgrade simple things like hop-up, spring and innder barrel.
I would definitely go with the G-Spec as there is lots of after market parts to upgrade with and you can turn these rifles into an absolute beast if you put the time and effort in! They're also better looking than the SR-2 and give the classic US Sniper look (M700) if thats what you're looking for!

by the way mate, try and do some DIY mods.

e.g., paper barrel spacers (improves accuracy a lot) and polishing the cylinder body (smoother bolt pull). There's loads you can do for bar-10s.
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