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Which gun ......... but .......

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Well now that I have everyones attention

This isn't a question on which gun is better or what gun should I get because I want to be UbEr L33T or anything like that.

What I am wondering is what you guys would like to see. I sold one of my rifles, and may be in the process of selling another one. I was going to use the money to get a buckmark rifle, but figured I don't shoot my .22 enough right now as it is so there is no need to buy another one.

So I talked it over with my wife and she has ok'd my decision to get another airsoft rifle and play with it for a little bit, and see what I can't come up with.

And this is where you guys come in.......

What gun would you guys like to see turn into a project rifle?
A few guidelines first......
1. Would like it to still be in the "sniper rifle" realm.
2. Price isn't really an issue, but it is. So no suggestions to get a $1K rifle to try and pimp it out.
3. Would like something that few people already have.
4. Gas or spring it doesn't really matter, just as long as I can get upgrades for it, and am able to do things to it.

Then that brings me to the next point........ I have been really drooling over the KJ KC02 rifle as well as the Maruzen ASP SR-2 LRV. I am looking at something along these lines.

So now it is up to you guys. Lets hear some ideas about what you would like to see, and what rifle I should start with.

And who knows, when I am done I may put together a raffle and give the rifle away that way. As long as I can get the price of the rifle back, and a little bit.
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Have you tried asking your wife on what she thinks would be a good project?
Polarstar Gearbox (last I checked) won't fit the Scars due to different nozzle/chamber combinations.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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