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Which gun to get

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I'm not sure about which gun to get, I need a sniper rifle with power, accuracy, and the ability to last a long time. I had the Airsoft GI G700G in mind but I'm not sure about it. Any help at all would be appreciated.
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Little to no info man....... give us a little more to go on, and we would be more than happy to help you.
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Joe dirt all the way!

The ASGI G700 is an alright gun, it's got your power I can say that much. It's pretty hard to pull back for me with its aftermarket spring. It has all the basic basic upgrades you'll need and its an ok place to start and get used to this 'sniping' thing
I was thinking of the UTG MK96, G700G, ECHO 1 M28, UK ARMS M24,or a JGW M24. I am completely new to airsoft and the field I play at is 300-400 feet long and 100-150 feet wide. They only have tall grass for cover and a tree in the very back that would be good for sniping at. any gun that could reach about 200 feet would be good.
From a guy who's dealing with one, don't get the echo 1 m28, and along those likes are the other two m24 versions. I can't remember. It I think the Javelin is the same as the echo 1, dunno about the uk arms.

I've heard the utg getting some good upgrades and being a formidable gun. But truthfully for what your doing, the best idea would be the g700.

And that field sounds very small... Not much sniping to be done..

Edit: my suggestion, get an AEG and try that out first, then go out to some real fields and see how sniping works and what you can do to become one
I am planning on upgrading if i get the mk36 but i'm afraid about the bolt problem it has.
I have a KWA M16, and the real fields are a couple of hours away from me.
Would the Airsoft GI enhanced upgrade package for mk96 be good? It comes with 6.01 barrel, mk96 upgrade kit, and pe sear set.
How new are you to airsoft? I don't want to discourage you but biggest mistake I made coming into the sport was starting with a bolty. I seriously recommend an AEG to anyone who even thinks about sniping because all to often do I see the kid with the 1000m shot idea in his head only to be disappointed with the realization that it's not gunna happen.

I realise you've got a couple AEG's so try running a couple games semi-only before you buy anything.

I can only suggest but I just hate to see it when someone buys an airsoft gun for an airsoft style they're not cut out for.
I've been playing about 7 weeks. I had a well mb02 that broke around the sears a couple of days ago so I'm going to replaace that with an upgraded one. I made the mistake of buying the upgrade kit but no piston.I like sniping more though because I don't burn through ammo, and on the field that i play at peoples aeg's don't have good range.
The Echo1 M28 is a decent rifle for the price. The one thing that you want to make sure that you get is an upgraded 2nd sear for it. The sears for the TM L96 work great, and you can get a new one for around $8.00 or so if you look hard enough.

The UTG Mk96 has a ton of potential.

Thank you for narrowing down the search as well. You gave us much more info to work on.

If you want to go the route of the Echo1 M28, and you don't feel comfortable in working on it right away let me know, I would be more than willing to do a few things to it and then ship it off to you. Pm me if you want and we can discuss a few things. And this goes for the UTG MK96 as well, or Bar10
I was thinking of maybe getting a G98 it has the upgraded spring, spring guide, piston, and 6.01 tightbore. but it is cheaper than getting the utg stock and then putting the sears and upgrade in there. The only reason I'm not sure about the mk96 is the pin falling out if you pull the bolt down while it is back.
What pin?

I have made a few of the MK96 and have never had a problem with them.

And I would say upgrade them on your own. So you get to know what parts are put in the rifle, as well as how to work on the rifle.

The MK96 is a great rifle for a starter to be honest.
Never had that problem before....To not get the MK96 because of that issue would be nonsense.
I have had I think 6 or 7 of these rifles, and have never had a problem..... and if I ever did something wrong, as it was my fault it broke...... a quick call to leapers and I was able to get a replacement fairly cheap.
They also fixed that issue. Those were only really in the first and second gen of those rifles, right now I think they are on gen 5 or 6.
In all honesty, you can make just about any gun as reliable, powerful, and accurate as you want. If you dont mind spending a little money, then find one you like the look of and put what you want into it. Hope this helps!
My m28 is slamfiring, the piston seems fine as well as the sears, do uk what the problem could be?
If I was you... I would go with a UTG Shadow Ops L96 or the Echo1 M28. The L96 comes with a scope and a bipod...but the M28 comes with a better quality bipod and no scope.
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