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Which one to buy?

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Hi All,
My son wants a sniper rifle for b-day/Christmas. He's going to be 13 and isn't too picky about which one but has sent me images of the Well MB08. In short he'd like something in that "style." Since I want it to be a good gun, do what it's supposed to do well, and last I started looking around and came up with a few options. Was wondering if you guys had an opinion on any of these.

Well MB08
MetalTac MB06 SR-2
Bolt Action BT L-96
Bravo Full Metal MK98

I'm looking to stay under $200 (as you can see by my choices), will need a scope, and he won't be modding it, at least for a while.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you.
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I personally would buy him a jg bar-10 as it is pretty decent out of the box, looks good, is light, and as he gets older and wants to use it in some real games, he can upgrade it to his liking. Many other guns are a pain to upgrade and are pretty heavy. It would be a shame if he wanted to upgrade or play some real games and couldn't because he had difficulty with his gun.
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