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Which one to buy?

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Hi All,
My son wants a sniper rifle for b-day/Christmas. He's going to be 13 and isn't too picky about which one but has sent me images of the Well MB08. In short he'd like something in that "style." Since I want it to be a good gun, do what it's supposed to do well, and last I started looking around and came up with a few options. Was wondering if you guys had an opinion on any of these.

Well MB08
MetalTac MB06 SR-2
Bolt Action BT L-96
Bravo Full Metal MK98

I'm looking to stay under $200 (as you can see by my choices), will need a scope, and he won't be modding it, at least for a while.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you.
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hmmm, he must be aiming for the L96 looks, not the platform.

The MB08 is a solid choice, but as Reliku said, it's way too heavy, specially for a 13yo. It weighs 4Kg / about 9 pounds. But anything in that sort of look will be about the same or heavier.

If he's open to consider other looks (as I know how boys can be with that sort of thing...), then I would suggest something in the M700 / VSR style.
A JG BAR-10 is 2.7Kg / 6 pounds, and you can get a (sort of) pre-upgraded one with the scope for about $130, including the scope.

It makes for a much more effective gun on the field, so he'll enjoy it a lot. And it's the best platform for upgrades, if so desired in the future.
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