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Which paintjob to get.

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Well Hi guys. I would think this would belong here but correct me if I am wrong.
As some of you know I got a A&K SVD for a very good price at the Evike walk in store.
So I am deciding to paint my svd because a giant 4 foot long gun pointing out of a bush is going to get some attention.
Also another reason for this is because I am going to attend a Op soon so why not look somewhat tacticool. Actually it is this Saturday.
It is Operation Buy-Back if anyone in Socal is interested in going.

So what I am think for a paint job. Basically it will be like a sponging technique.

Or should I just paint it full tan.

Or Paint it with strips of tan.

Or you can tell me what I should do.

The problem is I only have one bottle of paint.
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Yes! I've never seen this paint process before, and all I can say is WOW! Of course, this paintjob might look better on a metal body gun (m4/scar/mp5 etc.) than one with wood gaurds,(even if its the black version). I say do it! With sponging, you don't even need spray paint but you have to make sure it will stick.
One color? No problem. Just sponge the color onto the metal (tan sponging on black). You could always add more colors when you get more paint.
Ok thanks. I was really thinking sponging looked really cool. Just for your information I have the black svd. Looks tactical but not really good for hiding.
I am going to do a video on it so I expect a video to be up soon. Tommorow morning I will make the video. Yay Reverse Minimum day.
So my colors
Black because that is stock
And Ultra Flat Khaki

2nd purchase
Maybe od green and or some dark brown.

Just shout out to everyone who is interested in the A&K SVD.
Get it you will be impressed.
Remember your cart should look like this
First Purchase.
A&K SVD and some ammo
A coupon of course
2nd purchase.
HEAVY HEAVY Duty gloves.
And scope.

I know that was off topic but I just had to post it.

Edit: Time to paint it. Expect it to be on the gallery soon.
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