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Which rail?

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I cant decide which of these two rails I like more. I like the standard one cause its slotted down the whole rail.

But I like the notched one too. Its not as comon so thats a plus and its just more realistic to me. But does not have rail slots in the center.

What are your opinions?

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I like the top one cause its real steel looking too. But it does kinda let the cylinder be seen REAL bad,lol.. I planned on making a bolt cover and make it look more real and cover the chrome. I think the lower rail would help with that cover but I havent started yet. I just cant decide what one looks cooler and I hate not being able to make up my mind.
Right,lol.. I really need to cover that super mirror like bolt though. It'll give me away in a heartbeat!
I want to get a black teflon coated cylinder someday when I win the lottery or something. Haha but yeah I will rig something up. I like and dislike ghillie on my rifles. I have to go through the trouble of taking it off to get into my rifle but I also dont really need to after I get my new piston. Right now I can sometimes get away with spinning my piston but I have to take it apart to do that. And ghillie catches on everything I walk within a 10 ft radius of. I am also extremely fearful of ticks in my ghillie. I played at a game a few months ago and the place was infested with effing ticks! I was finding them suckers for weeks after the game in and on my stuff. I hate those things man,lol.. I feel like having a ghillie that had ticks is like getting a wig that you know had lice. Makes me not wanna wear it very often. I like my rifles setup in the living room near the tv for when I get tired of watching whatever the ole lady wants to watch or for commercials. I stare at my rifles thinking what next kinda sweet thing I can do to em. I plan on making another adjustable cheek rest in a few days for my kids rifle. Will make mine after I get more paint cause this glued on cheek pad will rip my paint to death and need to repaint a few spots before I make mine. I will get on my idea for a bolt cover tomorrow cause I am planning it out on my head as we speak.. I will of course take pics of my work so others can see and maybe try it too. Gonna try and lay down now, night guys.
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I was pulling ticks out of my ghillie for weeks after the last time I used it. I feel like I dont even want to put it back on now,lol.. I know it takes awhile before they bite but I still get creeped out by em. I ended up garbage bagging the ghillie and setting it off in the basement till whenever. I have been working on a different one for a bit now. Just a little at a time.

As for the rail on that rifle "George" That sucker is efffin sweet!
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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