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The title says it... What style vsr hop up arm is best in terms of the prongs or nub that contacts the bucking (concave, straight, two prongs, etc). It is meant to work with a tdc hop up mod and a 9ball bucking or hopefully in the future a r hop or flat hop.

Backstory: I finally got around to doing the tdc mod, and I want to make a new hop up arm because the stock echo1 m28 hop up arm is basicly only the lower half of a normal vsr hop up arm and it is loose in the chamber (most people would fix with shimming). I have already made a hop up arm in the same style except that it is wider (taking the place of shims). With the tdc mod I'm trying to squeeze a little more accuracy out of the hop up and wondering what you all think is best. Also would metal or plastic be a better material to make it out of?

Wow... this post turned out alot longer than i thought it would...
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